Wish I was there . .
My passport is ready and I can be packed in minutes.

31 March 2010

Have Run Away

Last Monday my grandmother died and since then I have been making runs to the airport, cooking up a storm and trying to see how many people I can have sleep at my house. The last of the guest were returned to the airport two days ago. Yesterday with little sleep, we flew to San Francisco. We decided to go ahead with Spring Break as we thought it would be a nice way to recover from the week of guest and saying good bye to my Grandmother. Gram was all about not being too inconvenient so I think she would understand our need to go on with our planned vacaton. Another two days in the city and then out to the National Park. And maybe some new pics.

19 March 2010

Happy Birthday Hew!

Today my baby is six. It seems a very, long time ago that I kept my c-section appointment. Even as a baby, Hew had quite the personality - refusing to nap and only going to sleep at night if I played Norah Jones. The parent teacher conference this year began with the observation that I would be buying Valentines cards for Hew's numerous girlfriends at a very young age - never mind counting and the alphabet. He asked for bag pipes for his birthday, and until recently, wanted to be a garbage man so he could "wear his hat backwards and ride on the back of the truck." Happy Birthday to my unique little boy! May you always march to the beat of that crazy tune in your heart.
Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting as requested by the birthday boy for his kindergarten class.

18 March 2010

In Need of Jokes

My 85 year old grandmother who lives here in Florida was admitted to the hospital this past weekend with congestive heart failure.  Hospice is now involved.  Could be weeks, could be months.  Gram told me on Tuesday that she has led a good life and she has been lucky to have good kids and grand kids.  She also decided that she wants no funeral service as "all of her friends are dead and the next time someone goes to Maine could they take her cremated remains home to be buried next to Grandpa." (Yes, that will most likely be me - can't wait to explain that one during  the security search). 

Someone say something funny . . .

11 March 2010

Orange Stawberry Roulade

Orange and Stawberry Roulade
Made today for MIL visit
Along with Braised Red Cabbage and Pork with Pureed Potatoe

08 March 2010

Run Away Monday

Merano, Italy
October 2008