Wish I was there . .
My passport is ready and I can be packed in minutes.

18 March 2008

Happy Birthday Hew

Four years ago at this time, still groggy from the meds, I finally met you. I knew all these years I would have a boy and you had your name long before you were conceived.

I had to laugh yesterday when your aunt called me to tell me that your present contained a kazoo and a harmonica. She said that you were a kid who needed a kazoo and as much as I protested about the noise, I knew she was right. You are that happy, go lucky kid who walks around for hours blowing into a kazoo because its fun. Never mind that the rest of the house hears noise, you just keep going because you're having a good time.

Not to say that you don't have your moments. That first year you resisted sleep like it was a battle. Our contest of wills went on until you realized that you like to nap as much as I do. I don't expect to win them all, but I appreciate that you finally gave in on that one. You have moments of vulnerability that remind me that while self assured, you are just four. Today at school when you didn't want me to leave, I was once again reminded that you aren't always as confident as you appear.

I know we expect a lot from you, but I also know that you consistently rise and surpass our expectations. We are very proud of you and can't imagine our lives without a kazoo player. Happy 4th Birthday.

17 March 2008

Five Days and Counting

Holy crap - where has the time gone?!!!! Might it be that I have basically been a single parent, as well as legal recruiter, vacation planner, and the usual domestic goddess for two weeks while PH has studied for some ridiculous exam that will not in any way assist his career, but his firm wanted him to take it for bragging rights. Might it be that I am writing in run-on sentences because there is so much to do and only five days. Throw in St. Patrick's Day, the Easter parade at school, Hew's birthday both at home and at school, KK's class needs 25 cupcakes, and the early arrival of the friggin' Easter Bunny. Plus if my insane in-laws send one more thing to be delivered to PH"s brother in France, I might just scream all the profanities in my head at my God fearing Catholic mother-in-law. We have an entire suitcase full of crap for PH's brother and I am not taking a second one. The irony is that most of the crap says made in China and we're going to fly is halfway back. Oh, and yes, there is a cold front blowing into Belgium and it may SNOW the day we land. While normally I am the greatest lover of snow, when we land it will be Easter Sunday, nothing will be open, we can not get into the hotel until noon, and I had planned to wander around the Grand Plaza area until we could take our sleep deprived, screaming children to the hotel; however snow like weather does not sound like the time to be wandering around OUTDOORS for any length of time! And KK has developed a runny nose and cough in the last 24 hours! (insert hyperventilating here)

Yes, I am excited. Yes, I am damn lucky to be going. Yes, I should count my blessings. Yes, I might spontaneously combust if my own mother tells me one more time to just relax and enjoy all the planning. I will calm down and enjoy it once we are there - the suitcases and the crap from China has arrived with my two children and husband at the airport. I will feel even better once we are checked into the hotel and napping. And I bet, the next day as we leave Brussels to spend a week in a lovely apartment in Bruges, I might even smile. But for now I have five more days of crazed preparations.

Oh, and did I forget to mention the school trip to GATORLAND - live alligators, snakes, and various reptiles with fifty kindergarten students . . .

does this look like good planning to you?

10 March 2008

You Asked!

Rosie from Brittany tagged me for this meme. Feel free to play along by linking this post and give me a shout so I can peer shamelessly into your life.

Seven Random Facts

  1. I have the ability to remember the all the words to just about any song. Due to my parents’ music choice and my own misspent youth, I have a large repertoire of song lyrics of early 70s country western and 80s pop/rock. If only lessons in school had been sung, then I might have been a genius. This talent is rather ironic as . . .
  2. I am unable to carry a tune. I have never sung an actual note in tune. I still have memories of a music teacher hitting one piano key over and over, and me trying to sing in key. The poor women just couldn’t wrap her mind around my complete tone deafness. I imagine that she is probable still sitting there on the piano bench, muttering “just one more time” while simultaneously hitting the same key over and over.
  3. My baby toe on both feet nearly has no toe nail. It just never grows. PH claims I should receive a twenty percent discount when receiving a pedicure as the nail tech only has to paint four toes on each foot.
  4. I can still do a cartwheel, a handstand, and on a good day, a standing back bend. At age almost 39, my old gymnastic skills are enough to impress my daughter, age six. I fear what I will need to be able to do to impress her ten years from now.
  5. I still have three of my four grandparents alive. As I did not marry and have children until age thirty plus, I wonder how much time my children would have with their great grandparents. All of my grandparents spend some of their winter in Florida so the kids have time with them. Also, our trips home always include a stop at my grandparent’s farm so the kids can ride the tractor with Great Grampa (and now Grampa as Great Grampa doesn’t always recognize us). Unfortunately, time is beginning to take its toll on all three and I am not sure how much longer this fact will be true.
  6. I love autumn. The cooling air and clear blue skies, the changing leaves, sweater weather, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, the cold rain foreshadowing the coming snow. Ten years in Florida have not diminished this but instead have lead to much depressive whining and complaining come October when it is still 90 degrees in this place.
  7. I am a planner. I want to know where I am going and any obstacles along the way so I can plan to reduce their impact. I know that Life is constantly throwing surprises and I’d be bored if I knew it all ahead of time, but I can’t stop my mind from having contingence plans.

Happy Monday!