Wish I was there . .
My passport is ready and I can be packed in minutes.

27 May 2007

Not much happening

The finals are corrected and the grades are in. Tuesday is officially the last day and I have survived the last year of teaching. I received some lovely notes from students about how much they enjoyed my class, as well as a number of students who stopped in to wish me a good summer. I've not quite forgotten the crazy parents and unsupportive administration, but the second half of the year was a definite improvement.

I appear to have picked up some crud and will be calling the doctor on Tuesday as it has been ten days and I still can't shake it. I am sleeping as though I have mono - napping every chance I get.

We are taking it easy this weekend. PH actually took a parent free day yesterday and sat by the beach solo. As I will be leaving next Saturday for four days in Oregon, it was easy to be gracious about his day. Other than a cooking class on Sunday next weekend, I have NO PLANS in Oregon! I can not wait as most days are packed with children needing various levels of attention. I am so excited to be without plans. After that trip I will be home for a couple weeks and then it is off to Norway and Maine. This summer will be full of fun travel and family!

Hope everyone in the U.S. is having a safe Memorial Weekend!

20 May 2007

Almost Done!

Out guests have left and it was a good visit. My children now use random french words that they picked up from their younger cousin and my niece has returned to France with an English vocabulary that is quite impressive for a not quite two year old. My daughter, concerned that she would not be able to speak with her young cousin, has asked us many questions about learning languages so it appears we have sparked an interest!

I celebrated my son's return to his own room (he was sleeping in our room during the ten days of our family visit) by becoming sick. I lost my voice and that made the last couple days of classes rather interesting with me whispering orders to my students :) I'm sure my voice will return and that my illness is more a result of exhaustion.

Friday was my last class and next week is finals. I expect it will pass rather quickly in a whirlwind of grading as the exam itself is only two hours on Monday. After my grades are in, I'm done. Fini! I will have completed my first year of teaching and I was offered a contract for next year which I have signed (I need one more year for my temporary license to become permanent). Knowing that next year I will begin looking for a different job, I have been in contact with an overseas education placement service and even though my license will not be final until next May, they have requested a resume for the fall so that I can be considered for positions for the following year. A good sign.

I am looking forward to my trip to Oregon, the first weekend in June. I fear that I may sleep most of the vacation, but I hope to rest up after this week.

Thanks to all of you who posted wishes and congratulations on my 100 post. I can't believe it's been a year. Look forward to returning to regularly posting in the near future.

08 May 2007

100 post

I imagined that my 100 post would be insightful and witty, as I reflected on this past year blogging. Instead I 'm writing to say I will be back in two weeks. I have two weeks of classes left and I am drowning in work. Additionally, the french visitors who were to stay four days are now back for an unannounced additional week and our three year old is sleeping in our room to accommodate the visitors. I'll be reading others blogs just to escape, but I'm too exhausted to try to put together a coherent sentence. Back soon - Ta Ta!