Wish I was there . .
My passport is ready and I can be packed in minutes.

29 July 2011

Fly Away Friday

Route de Vin
Kaysersberg, France

Hansi, the famous Alsatian artist, said the following of Kaysersberg: "The situation of Kaysersberg, its unusual silhouette and its numerous ancient constructions make it the prettiest city on the Wine Road". The high fortress that dominates the city serves as a reminder of its strategic importance and its violent past. However, today Kaysersberg seems more appropriate as the perfect setting for an Alsatian festival with its medieval atmosphere created by the pretty half-timbered houses that have been well preserved. Vines also surround the city and to insure that we do not forget their importance there is an old stone well with an interesting inscription:

"Do you drink water at the table ?
It will chill your stomach.
Drink with moderation old and subtil wine.
I advise you to do as such and as for me, leave the water to the side..."


28 July 2011

Breathe In Slowly

Merano, Italy 2008

Hoping that the mountain pictures will help me to breathe in slowly
before dealing with pre-teen with bad attitude.

26 July 2011

What Kind of Parents . . .

. . . would take their children to a place where heads are stuck on tree tops?

And scary masks hang from trees?

Monsters jump out from behind rocks. . .

. . .Throwing up their arms to yell "BOO!!!!!!"

And waving an angry fist?

All the while, unfriendly trolls stared down from tree tops?

Causing their children to run and hide in tunnels?

What kind of parent would do such a thing ;)

25 July 2011

I'm Back

I didn't really mean to disapear - it's just summer, home with the kids, some health stuff, a trip to Maine, a crazy trip to Norway, and just life.  However, summer is drawing to an end here (only in the sense that the kids return to school in a little over two weeks).  And I need to return to my life - plug in and get going. 

Norway has been on our mind a lot since last Friday. Our trip there in May was very stressful and we eventually had to laugh and accept that everything was not going to go according to plan. Now our problems seem so trivial.   The pictures below are a tribute to the beauty of Norway and wishes for healing.

Bergen, Norway
May 2011