Wish I was there . .
My passport is ready and I can be packed in minutes.

31 January 2008

Will return when no longer ill and not on a field trip with sixty children, age five. Sinus infection and bus ride with sixty screaming children equals very, very, very bad headache.

25 January 2008

Not sure I should write this

As many of you know, we can not talk to anyone here in Florida about our job search and desire to move. That was the reason this blog was born because I needed a place to dream and think and talk about this crazy idea.

PH received an email yesterday about a resume he sent to Denmark. He spoke with them this morning and they want to do an interview in one of their US offices. It is just a first interview and there would be several others as they are a big company with offices worldwide. I am unsure what to think and have a million questions.

Holy Smokes!

Friday Excitment

Today, I am going to read a story for my son's pre-school class. Normally, this would be uneventful, but due to my cold I sound like a phone sex operator. PH claims I could be making good money at home with this voice. Not exactly the career move I planned - criminal lawyer to teacher to stay at home mom to phone sex operator.
I just hope my voice holds up during story time and I don't have to hoarsely whisper to the kids. Stay tuned - this could be the highlight of the week!

24 January 2008

Bad attitude day

This week has been a mess. Monday, the kids were home for the holiday which was fun but nothing was accomplished. By Tuesday, I picked up some nasty cold so I have been sick since then (which is probably why I am so grouchy). We have only sent out one resume this week between illness and kids. AND two more teachers from local schools were arrested for trying to have sex with their students.

Since I was a prosecutor for these crimes, I understand that sexual deviants abound everywhere, but we live in a area that seems to attract them. Since the week of Christmas, there have been four arrests of school personnel - one being the local elementary principal and another teacher who tried to work out a quid pro quo arrangement where a kid gave the teacher oral sex for an "A" in his class. Thankfully, the kid was wired so the police have evidence. That is what this place is like - I'm thankful that my community wires a sixteen year old so that a case can be made against some deviant. I'm thankful that the principal is so stupid that he actually brought the porn he created with his student's faces to the office so there is not question he should be arrested. Don't even start me on the guns, gangs and lock downs at the local schools this year.

Forgive the bad attitude - I've just had it with this place. Never mind that the actually education in this county is actually substandard. I pay for private school where the education is equally bad just because there is the hope that the staff are less deviant (or at least I know them all and remind them regularly of my past job of putting people in jail for a very, very, very long time). There is the hope that with such a small school there are less gangs and guns. There certainly are more drugs and alcohol at the high school as many of the parents have too much money and the chose not to parent, but as my kids are pre-school age I hope they never get to the high school here. Don't even start me on the obscenely high teen pregnancy rate or the meth production rate as this county tops the state in both categories. Plus it is hot here yet again!

I think it is time to put down the local paper and go for a long, sweaty walk. Will be back when I can write without having to edit out all the four letter words.

***Ran/Walked five miles and feeling better. Kept repeating that we will be moving at some point in the near future and in the meantime I am lucky to have time to run/walk at 8:30 AM instead of working. Plus played loud, angry music on ipod. Am now too sweaty and tired to be pissed.

21 January 2008

Where in the World . . .

Monday appears to be the day of inquiry in our house. For the past three weeks, Monday has brought email inquiries for various companies. First was the UK. A resume was sent for a position in Scotland, but the recruiter wanted to talk about a job in London. Then there was a resume for a position in Luxembourg, but a different recruiter wanted to talk about a job in Boston. As I lived in Boston for several years and PH had visited there, PH quickly explained we were looking at Europe for now, and even with our U.S. education, we knew Boston was not Europe. Today was a request for more information for a position in Norway. We know Norway is expensive and has long, dark winters, yet PH can not hide his excitement. There is only one other position in Germany that has elicited the same reaction as the inquiry from Norway.

Although we haven't a clue where we are going, these inquiries have been fun. I do a bit more research on the different places. We discuss the positive and negative aspects of the job, the area, and the language. We try to anticipate the trials and tribulations. We try to imagine life elsewhere.

The inquiries make for a hopeful Monday. During the week, we both spend a fair amount of time searching for positions, revising and editing the CV and Cover Letter, and filling in various forms. By mid-week, this process can be less fun and more tedious, plus the fear of the unknown is a bit unnerving. But as for Monday, it's full of possibilities of a new and very different life. And until then, I'll just keep working on my knitting

17 January 2008

Life for Now

I want to write - really, I do. But I seem to be at a loss of words and thoughts for the moment. I appear to be in this new place where I just am. No reflection, no explanation, no planning, just getting by day to day, moment by moment.

I suppose this is related to the fact that I quit my job and I don't have any idea of what is next. Being a type A, control and planning freak, I should be mid-melt down as we speak. Call it what you want - a loss of reality, avoidance, shut down - whatever it is, I'm not panicked. It's a rather amused state of wondering why I haven't started hyperventilating. I know at some point I need a plan, a purpose, a raison d'etre, but I just don't have it right now and I can't be bothered to think about it. I'd take pictures and post them if I could make the camera work, but it too seems to be on break.

So this is it for now . . . maybe this afternoon, I'll have some insight but probably not.

14 January 2008

Who Knew?

I stole this from Sunshine. I normally don't post these things but the answer made me laugh aloud as it is Monday and I am surrounded by laundry and dishes. Look out world :)

Hexe --

Sexually stunning
'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Sunshine - I think I corrected the link and I left you a response in the comment section.

13 January 2008

The Benefit of Winter

For those of you living in snowy or cold areas, let me remind you that there is a benefit to this season - NO YARD WORK. I know you still have snow to shovel, but you have no trees or shrubs to be trimmed, no moss to collect, no leaves to be raked, no grass to be mowed weekly, and no weeds to be pulled out.

A few weeks ago, we had a bit of a freeze and the top of our bottle brush died. Plus, we hadn't bothered to trim the thing in over a year so it was time for serious trimming and that actually required the use of the chain saw. Additionally, we put in a couple plants a few years back that have grown into trees. Because of the proximity to the house, we feared that the root system would impact the foundation of the house. So we also cut those down this weekend. While those of you in colder climates enjoyed cocoa and cold weather, we (PH and I) created this . . .

My forearms are sore from the use of the chainsaw and the loper, and my back aches from carrying all of that to the curb. Plus it was 80 degrees here today. I miss winter!

Update: PH said it was 82 degrees today not 80 degrees. Sometimes PH is a more of a PIA than a PH.

09 January 2008

This new "job" is wearing me out. The kids went back to school Monday so I began spring cleaning. I have made two trips to Goodwill and produced numerous bags of garbage. Additionally, the second part of the job is recruiting for PH and while it has been slow recently, the last couple days have seen an increase in the request for documents and information. No we won't be out of here immediately, but at least they are calling (or emailing). And I thought I might get to lay around and watch a soap opera once in awhile :)

06 January 2008

In an effort to increase my technology knowledge, "Santa" brought me an ipod. I have been waiting to post a picture of it but the camera died during Christmas and is refusing to turn on, so this image will have to do.

I can see how this little thing could become quite addictive. I have spent hours pouring over music, making a wish list of songs that I try to put in order of those desired most. With many of these songs, memories come flying back - of childhood, first loves, college, law school, New Hampshire, Boston, Maine, vacations, camp, first real job, dating, engagement, marriage, kids. My children have taken to "shaking their booty" as I play for them the songs of of my misspent youth. So if anyone has suggestions for some "must have" songs, let me know - my wish list is ready for modification!

03 January 2008

A Question . . .

We made it back from the beach just in time to enjoy the temperature dip into the 30s. I am currently wearing a sweater, jeans, and boots and loving it :)

The family time at the beach brought up an interesting questions. One that does not have an easy answer but I'd love some thoughts from others outside my family as we have spent the last week together thinking about this. As a parent, what do you do when your adult child is rude, selfish, and mean to you and your other adult children? Also, what happens when this adult child's spouse is also rude and mean to family members? Do you just ignore it or do you try to have a conversation about this?

I have a sibling who is truly self centered. During this family vacation, the spouse of this sibling directly insulted my husband, my child, my father, and me. For the sake of surviving the week, I said nothing as I will not see this sibling and the spouse and their child for another year. The rest of the family has had private conversations about this spouse's behavior as it has been shocking. We are also stunned at my sibling's tolerance of such behavior. It is clear to all of us that this spouse is seeking a confrontation, at which point this spouse will force my sibling to make a choice. Of course, the spouse will be chosen and we believe they will then deny my parents access to their grandchild.

No parent is perfect as I can attest to, but my parents gave us a solid, loving childhood. The sibling involved is the youngest and the only male sibling, and in reality my parents were much more permissive with him. That said, my parents are wonderful grandparents who always remember that their role is grandparent and not parent. The behavior of this past week has left me angry and flabbergasted.

Not exactly the way I wanted to begin this new year, but at least everyone has left and the kids and I are heading out to enjoy the cold before the temperature surges to the 70s this weekend.