Wish I was there . .
My passport is ready and I can be packed in minutes.

29 December 2007

Thanks to all who left holiday wishes. Currently I am on vacation with my family -thirteen of us with five under age nine. Tonight after a few drinks while being forced to watch football, we had a "lively discussion" about politics and I was again reminded that there must have been a switch at the nursery many years ago. Love them all, just glad we don't see each other too often :)

Happy New Years to all!

24 December 2007

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

19 December 2007


Last day is done, over, finite, finished, through, completed, ended, and defunct. I am officially a haus frau. A new adventure begins . . .

14 December 2007

A Few Gray Skies

Very little that I can post about. PH and kids are enjoying snow and skiing out West. Work has become very acrimonious over the past two days. The good new is that as of next Wednesday I will be done. The bad news of the job situation is longer than my kid's list to Santa and includes personal attacks by administrators who still demand that all will be handled their way to the detriment of some of the students. I'm just trying to wrap it all up as soon as I can because this has become a nightmare. I can honestly say that as a criminal lawyer I was treated with more respect, paid more, and there were less expectations on my personal time. I understand not all schools are alike but I now understand those parents who chose to homeschool their children.

10 December 2007

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

For two months, PH has been sending our resumes to selected jobs in Europe and for two months for the most part, we have heard nothing. A handful of thanks by no thanks letters, but for the majority of positions, no response. Until today.

PH received an email from a large international corporation in GERMANY requesting additional information about his experience and his salary. It's still way too early in the process to believe this is the job but I can't help but be a bit hopeful at the response. Someone out there is hearing my Christmas plea.

So feel free to leave any advice on dealing with international corporations in Germany. Before PH leave for Colorado on Wednesday, he has an email to which he must respond.

08 December 2007

Two weeks

Two weeks until the end of the quarter. Although I will be returning with the students in January, my stay is only for a couple of weeks (possibly two) and then I am done. As the end of the semester is approaching, the behavior of students is escalating and I am more sure than ever of my decision. Besides the normal increase in talking and inability to pay attention, there has been a cheating scandal and a prank involving urine. Yes, that is urine; yes, at a high school; yes at a private, college prepatory high school where parents are paying beaucoup money to send their little angels. sigh.

Besides the school drama, life at home is a bit busy at I pack up PH and the children so they can leave for a skiing trip to Colorado on Tuesday. Notice that I am not going, instead to be replaced by my MIL on the trip, as I have to stay at school for more pranks involving body fluids. Really, I'm not a bit bitter.

Instead, I will be finishing my grades, completing the Christmas shopping and gift wrapping, and possibly have a glass of wine in front of the Christmas tree with the air conditioner on 60F(15C) so I can at least pretend it's winter. It appears my Christmas spirit has been replaced by sarcasm and the occasional eye roll. Looks like a stick in the stocking for Hexe this year.

02 December 2007

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

I wish we would have a "snow day" so I could spend time doing this stuff instead of grading papers