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27 November 2006

Sorry for the hiatus

Life at Hexe's house has been a little crazy. After the sick kids, Hew decided to make the most of his terrible twos. For nearly two weeks, he has refused to sleep through the night. The tantrums escalated into forty-five minute screaming fits. I seriously started to think we needed to have him evaluated AND THEN my parents arrived. Hew slept through the night - no problem. This was after I had called my mother sobbing as I was so sleep deprived, trying to explain why Hew needed a neurological exam. She laughed and said he was two, testing his boundaries, and apparently winning. Damn, I hate when that woman is right! Since then, some minor tantrums but definitely more sleep.

Add in craziness at work. Plus this time of year seems to depress me. I know I'm obsessed with heat, but it is nearly December and it is 80 degrees. Late autumn should be cold mornings with frost, steaming coffee, and a fire in the fireplace. I do realize that all this is just excuses for my lack of writing but with the lack of sleep, I've barely been able to find matching socks in the morning - complete sentences were just too much!

We did make it to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving. Once my parents arrived and Hew slept, we had a nice time. I know it sounds thrilling - 'nice', but our standards are pretty low here. We stayed at a place with a pool which made the kids happy and PH happy, and it was in the mountains with a stream running outside my bedroom window, so I was happy. PH and I even had a dinner sans children once my parents came to visit. We ended the evening with a cursing, tiring screeched stop as a BLACK BEAR was smack in the middle of the road as we drove home. Yes, it was a BLACK BEAR - not some large dog. The thing moved rather rapidly back into the woods, but then turned and watched us watching him for several minutes. We just kept repeating different versions of OMG THAT IS A BLACK BEAR! See - easily entertained.

More on New Hampshire later. Sorry for the lame and awkward post - I'm out of practice. For those who celebrate Thanksgiving - Hope it was 'nice'.


RennyBA said...

Thanks for keeping us posted - I mean the most important thing is that you've had a good Thanks giving although a big hectic sometimes.

I haven't met a black bear (only brown bears in Norway), but a moose in the very same way. It was a bit scary but also a wonderful view to see this king of the mountains. Like you (I guess), I didn't had time to get the camera ready before it disappeared.

Antipodeesse said...

Very nice post Hexe!

Sunshine said...

Glad you got something of a break. and DINNER....NO KIDS. Rockin.
I think if I saw a black bear in the middle of the road, I would soil myself. Scary.

Deb said...

Welcome back! Hope the kids are feeling better.

I know what you mean about the weather this time of year. Sometimes it's hard to get into the holiday spirit when you're sweating!

Sounds like you had an eventful Thanksgiving. Any pics of the black bear? ;o)

hexe said...

Renny - I have also met a moose that way in Maine, but we were on dirt road in the woods. This black bear was sitting on a paved road - it is a mountainous area and we had been warned about how to dispose of our trash because of the bears, but I never really considered we'd see one!

Antipo - Thanks!

Sunshine - No soiling but I had two glasses of wine with dinner and was feeling a bit light headed. That immediately disapeared upon seeing the bear - never thought I'd be sobered up by the sight of a bear :)

Deb - No pictures. When my parents offered to watch the kids, we just ran for the door! You'll know soon enough :)

Expat Traveler said...

hey your back...

good enough for me. Yes I've dealt with the terr twos. Testing is definitely part of that... But I guess you've been though it once..

Hope the sleep part gets a little better for you. If it makes you feel better, I feel like a train wreck tonight!