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14 September 2009

Moving at the Speed of Light

No I have not won the lottery, abandoned my house, and jumped the nearest plane out of here (but I would if given the chance!). Since school has started, I have been on fast forward. Every weekend is filled until November. The week includes ballet, tap, two soccer practices, two soccer games, science club, and Brownies. Throw in my photography class which has begun, my German class which will start at the end of the month, a bathroom renovation that will not end, and fifteen loads of laundry and that is my life. Some of the highlights:

  • The bathroom is not done. I have to finish painting the closet door, and a section of crown moulding that must be put up. The outlet covers have not arrived and we still need a medicine cabinet. Oh, and lights - the light fixture still needs to be hung. I hope to have most of this done by Friday when we are having some friends to dinner, otherwise they potty in the dark.
  • The photography class - mixed feelings right now. Having to take specific photos on specific settings while trying to master aperture and shutter speed feels forced. I am not enjoying it as I keep looking around desperately for some inspiration in the scenery, but I am . . . .well, here . . . central Florida in the heat and showers of September is not inspiring. It is just hot, humid, and unattractive. Sorry - I am suppose to be finding the positive, but photography homework only makes me want to move far, far away. Maybe as I begin to understand aperture and shutter speed more, it will begin to feel less forced and I won't dread my assignments.
  • The German on-line class begins at the end of the month. I know that an on-line language course is not ideal, but it is what fits in my schedule for now. I have received my materials and have begun my first lesson which includes a DVD with hilarious skits of people dressed in late 1980s parachute pants and fluorescent colors. I am learning certain words just by association with the outfits and the dialogue. Oh and yes, I am beginning to conjugate some verbs too. Once the class starts, I think I will be pretty busy.
  • Thankfully, there are a few escapes between now and the end of the year including a long weekend in Seattle with an old friend (where we could both fly directly - me from Florida and her from Kansas- and find cheap tickets); five days in the Smokey Mountains with the kids during an October long weekend; Vail in December for a lawyer seminar; and Maine for six days at Christmas. So I better learn aperture and shutter speed because there has got to be some inspiration coming soon!

That's all folks! I'll try to post some of my least hated photos in the near future, but for now it is time run.

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