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21 January 2011

Whoops I Did It Again

I am unsure where the first 20 days of January have gone. Not that I have been sitting on my tushy eating chocolate (alright there was that one day . . . ). Since January 1, I have, in no particular order - ran my first 5K in ten years (28:20!!!), found a new yoga studio, found a couple more 5Ks to sign up to run and am training for a 10K by the beginning of summer, had a weekend away with Hubby while my parents took my kids to Disney (yep, parents are here from Maine but staying a couple hours away), looked at some beach places, booked tickets to Norway in May for entire family to go and meet my husband's host Norwegian family, booked flight for husband for secret interview (but have accepted living here and am quite content - must be the yoga!), sorted through all photos from the past couple years, picked my favorites, and began editing to finally print some for pictures on my blank walls, painted the trim in my daughter's room so I can finally finish painting the last room in the house, and the normal school, kid's activities, unannounced visits from husband's family, and tedious estate stuff for my family. And today I am making jam and continuing my struggle to learn some Norwegian on Live Mocha. So, what has everyone else been up to . . . .?

A contender from St. Wolfgang, Austria

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Irish Nomad said...

Wow - you whirlwind! Good on you re excercise, travel bookings and getting away for some child-free time with your husband. All still on my to do list...I am now inspired- just need to crawl back to bed to catch up on some sleep, then I'll start :)