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17 February 2011

Could not make this stuff up

I have been diligently handling my grandparents estate since August after my grandfather's death.  The beneficiaries are my father and has six siblings.  So far, I have managed to wade through with no major family blow-outs, and with seven beneficiaries, all related, and all related to me, this has been a minor miracle.

So, my grandparents had a family farm - 160+ acres in East Nowhereville Maine.  House belonged to my great grandparents.  Middle of nowhere - gorgeous land - haying fields, big red barn - but MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.  I listed the place for sale with an agent since none of the beneficiaries are interested in buying the others out.   We listed it at a fair price, knowing the value was the land and not the  nearly 200 year old farm house that needs some TLC. 

It is the middle of winter in Maine.  A winter that has produced record amounts of snow.  Middle of winter in the middle of NoWhereville in the middle of lots of snow.  Yeah, right.  We figured the property would sit until spring.  But Super Agent had other plans.  She has shown the farm more time then I can count, walked the boundary line (in the snow and not plowed) with interested buyers, and returned with buyers and their carpenters.  Super Agent defies all housing market gravitational decline.

This week began with an offer (low but starting place) from "young couple".  "Young couple" is from Maine but left to go to Big City make real money elsewhere, and now wants to return to live off land and be involved in local community.  "Young couple" wrote me a very nice letter to accompany their offer about how excited they were to raise their family at grandparent's farm and continue its heritage, etc, etc.  "Young couple" right out of magazine of people "returning to the land."  Could be television series - possible comedy.

Then today, new offer.  No locals, no aspirational "young couple", no developer (because even if you developed it, no one is there!).  New offer from a "farmer" from a small former COMMUNIST RULED STATE - yes, in NOWHEREVIILE, MAINE.  New offer in cash.  Seriously.  Possible movie plot - former communist succeeds as rural farmer in NoWhereville, Maine, but where did the money come from to purchase the farm? (dramatic music cue . . . .)

Negotiations on-going today with both.  Grandparents rolling in graves due to offers of people from away being considered.  Believe I have entered twilight zone. 


Merisi said...

All that comes to mind is "Legal Tender" - well, I would try to convince the "Young Couple" to offer more.

I know a place where housing prices are high thanks to people who arrive from former Communist countries with tons of cash. It's disgusting.

Expat Traveler said...

Wow! Yes a bit scary for the cash purchase... But the pics, they blow me away in their beauty.. I love it!

Irish Nomad said...

Any recent developments? Farm looks amazing :)

Merisi said...

Hello! :-)

Ola said...

It must be so peaceful there!