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25 July 2011

I'm Back

I didn't really mean to disapear - it's just summer, home with the kids, some health stuff, a trip to Maine, a crazy trip to Norway, and just life.  However, summer is drawing to an end here (only in the sense that the kids return to school in a little over two weeks).  And I need to return to my life - plug in and get going. 

Norway has been on our mind a lot since last Friday. Our trip there in May was very stressful and we eventually had to laugh and accept that everything was not going to go according to plan. Now our problems seem so trivial.   The pictures below are a tribute to the beauty of Norway and wishes for healing.

Bergen, Norway
May 2011

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Expat Traveler said...

I'm sad summer is leaving so quickly. We really haven't had time to enjoy it. I just hope the next few months don't feel like they go by as quickly..

It feels like it was the beginning of June just yesterday..

And yes the people of norway.. Time can only heal and they will survive as they are all beautiful kind people! Was happy to finally meet Tor!