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17 August 2011

Act Three????

So the kids are back in school . . . and I'm floundering.  I had two plans.  One involved revising my resume and submitting it for some adjunct teaching - which I did - only to have no response.  I've called but it appears there is no room at the inn for now.  Plan two is more far fetched, less likely to have any success, and requires me to jump off a hypothetical cliff with no safety harness in sight.  I thought I could it, but I appear frozen at the precipice. 

So how does one go about creating Act III?  I can't work full time as my parenting services are needed, but I need something.  The all encompassing question of "what do I want to be when I grow up" looms frightfully before me.  I am so damn fortunate that I have this choice at this time; so I just need to slide on my big girl panties and jump.

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Expat Traveler said...

I don't think you should jump until you've got a plan or at least a big brain storm in place.

Are there any tutoring services during the day? Is there anything that needs possibly an adult TEFL in the area? Just trying to throw out an idea or two...

LOL - big girl panties.. Mine aren't on right now and I'm already panicking at the fact that I return to work in March!