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31 December 2006

The Disappearance

I wish I could say that my blogging absence was due to something exciting - like a lottery win and an around the world adventure, or a spontaneous cross country move. Unfortunately, the hiatus was the result of more mundane events - some work related problems and some family chaos. Neither is something that I can comfortably talk about right now. We are all fine, but this past months has left me asking myself some difficult questions about our future plans. Sorry for being so cryptic - at some point, I hope to be able to laugh about all this, but right now I'm just a tad overwhelmed.

On to the excitement of Christmas . . . the blurry pictures show the result of global warming in Maine. That's right - no snow this year. This is our first Christmas trip with no snow and we have been traveling to Maine for ten years, except for 2001 when I gave birth to KK two days after Christmas. The kids asked about the snow, but were content to play with their cousins and the numerous Christmas gifts bestowed upon them by Grammie and Grampa. For them, the trip was a great time -- Santa and their relatives were exceptionally generous, hours of play with cousins and friends, walks on mud filled roads -- even without snow, it was a wonderful time.
We arrived back in Florida two days ago to 80 degree weather. Three out of the four of us have lingering colds - 'tis the season! No plans for New Year's tonight, except to put the kids to bed early and relax. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I wish you a joyous New Year! Bonne Annee! Ein Gluckliches Neues Jahr! Godt Nytt Ar!


RennyBA said...

Well, we are missing snow and cold weather in Scandinavia as well - strange.

Btw: thanks for your visit. Wishing you and your family a joyous and peaceful New Year! Or like you said it in Norwegian: Godt Nytt År:-)

christina said...

Happy New Year! Glad you're all OK and yes, being able to laught about it in the end would be a good thing.

Expat Traveler said...

Yes missing your posts. I actually checked earlier today, I swear and saw nothing...

Oh well, found you because you read Christina's blog today...

I hear you on the ups and downs lately.. I think we are in the exact same mood tonight too!

I do hope things get better, for both of us!

Happy new years! ;-)

hexe said...

Thank you all for the positive comments. I have misssed checking in with you all. I will try to do better this new year.