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26 February 2007

What I've been doing in my spare time

A little less than a year ago, we decided to pull up the old nasty carpet in our house and replace it with a wood floor. After several heart stopping quotes, PH and I decided to put down the floor ourselves - one room at a time. We were half way through the house when I started my new job in August and since then, the floor project laid dormant. We blamed my job, but part of our inertia was due the fact that the next room to do was the family room which is the largest room.

Last Sunday, after I finished my first 23 research papers (46 will be coming in on Wednesday so service will then again be interrupted), we decided to pull up the rug and put in the floor working every night after work. Never mind that my sister and her family were coming in a week for a visit before heading to Mouseland. Never mind that I was cooking for fourteen the following weekend. It was time. Here is our progress the first night . . .

Night one!


Although we are tired, it is done and the last three rooms are substantially smaller. We still have trim work to do, but I am quite impressed with our work.

After Friday night, I still had to cook for fourteen. I made chicken breasts in a sauce of tomatoes, onion, thyme, parsley, and wine, with baby red potatoes grilled with olive oil, thyme and parsley, and some blanched green beans. I was so busy that I only snapped one picture while I was making the sauce.

But I didn't forget to take a couple pictures of the pear and chocolate tart.

Unfortunately, after all the working, cooking, and visiting, KK came down with the stomach flu and I am now cleaning bed linens. Ma belle vie!


Expat Traveler said...

wow - I was getting worried about the after pic, but it's incredible!

and the dinner - yummmy!

By the way, be careful when you type in your blog, if you type in blgospot you'll get some jerks page advertising links. I finally figured this out this morning....

Hope KK gets better quick!

Pam said...

That looks fabulous! Well done!

It does seem like sometimes in order to get things done, we've got to be under pressure. We used to plan a house warming party shortly after our arrival in a new house and that would motivate us to get settled in more quickly! Rather silly, but it worked.
: )

RennyBA said...

Woow, your really clever - congrats!
The pear and chocolate tart looks delicious - makes my mouth watering!

Btw; You wont see snow in Stavanger in June, but check the mountains from the plain when your close to the coastline!

christina said...

Wow, what a woman! You did a fabulous job with everything. The floor looks beautiful and I bet they just gobbled up the food.

tinakala said...

As a pessimistic bitch, I was expecting the "after" picture to be the exact same as the first. The floors look really good now, I must admit. And the pie...well, I shouldn`t look at good stuff like that because I´m immediately tempted to go and eat some tasty , fattening stuff. And as I can`t have any excercise anytime soon, this is a bad idea. The cake still looks delicious. Yum.

hexe said...

E.T. - I was a bit woried myself on Monday about the time to complete it. That and I could barely walk after day one - all that squating - you know what they say about not knowing you had muslces in some places! Thanks for the note about mistyping my blog name.

Pam - Thanks! The pressure of visiting family definitely helped. Now only three rooms to finish . . .

Renny - Thanks. I am counting the days until the Norway trip even if there is no snow :)

Mausi - Thank you. The food was a big hit. But we still have some left over tart which is quite good for breakfast with coffee.

Tinakala - Thanks for visiting. I'll have to stop over and see your site. Not to worry, there were plenty of cluster moments in putting in the floor, such as when my husband stepped in the glue and then stepped on the new floor or when I glued my pants to my thigh (a new but painful hair removal method). Plus I'm still trying to get the glue out of my hair (don't ask!).

Sunshine said...

That looks fantastic! Please come redo my kitchen!! I want those floors!