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25 March 2007

Oh, the romance . . .

PerfectHusband reads post that is below and then read the comment by the wonderful and talented Ms. Mac. PH turns to wife and says "If you fly British Airways to London and die at least you'll get to ride in first class . . . and I'll get stuck with the bill for it." I die and all he is worried about is the fecking bill for first class. Despite the 80 degree weather here, it will be a mighty cold night at Hexe's house.


Ms Mac said...

Hee! Men can be such charmers!

But, if I were you and I didn't want to just fly to London, then I'd take a few days in New York, just walking around, going to art galleries and museums.

Come to think of it, if I was alone for four whole days, I'm not sure I would mind where I was! ;-)

RennyBA said...

Well, men can be hart breaking too you know LoL

Btw: I can tell you are looking forward to visit Norway in the summer and experience the long summer nights. I'm sure you'll have a lovely time in the land of the midnight sun.
In the mean time, your welcome to visit Rome with me:-)

Pam said...

ok, sorry, but this post made me laugh...maybe because I relate to it?!

Cheers to a warmer house. Soon!
: )

Expat Traveler said...

ouch! lol....