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08 May 2007

100 post

I imagined that my 100 post would be insightful and witty, as I reflected on this past year blogging. Instead I 'm writing to say I will be back in two weeks. I have two weeks of classes left and I am drowning in work. Additionally, the french visitors who were to stay four days are now back for an unannounced additional week and our three year old is sleeping in our room to accommodate the visitors. I'll be reading others blogs just to escape, but I'm too exhausted to try to put together a coherent sentence. Back soon - Ta Ta!


Ms Mac said...

Blimey, it has been nearly a year!
Good luck with the next couple of weeks!

Heather said...

Congrats on post 100 - pretty cool! I hope you get a well deserved break soon!!!!

EuroTrippen said...

Happy 100th!

RennyBA said...

Congrats with the first 100!
Good luck with the end of the season!
Have a good blog rest and welcome back:-)

christina said...

Happy 100th and enjoy every minute of your break.

Claire said...

Congratulations on 100! Looking forward to 100 more!

Pam said...

Congrats on Post 100!

Sounds like a rough couple of weeks...I hope you get to have some R&R soon.

Expat Traveler said...

Years pass by way too fast..

Please remind us when you are on your solo trip. :)

I'm sure it will be cool, relaxing and so different!

Sunshine said...

I meant to tell you congrats before, but I was logged in as Count Dracula or something at the time.
Yeah, very good work!