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20 May 2007

Almost Done!

Out guests have left and it was a good visit. My children now use random french words that they picked up from their younger cousin and my niece has returned to France with an English vocabulary that is quite impressive for a not quite two year old. My daughter, concerned that she would not be able to speak with her young cousin, has asked us many questions about learning languages so it appears we have sparked an interest!

I celebrated my son's return to his own room (he was sleeping in our room during the ten days of our family visit) by becoming sick. I lost my voice and that made the last couple days of classes rather interesting with me whispering orders to my students :) I'm sure my voice will return and that my illness is more a result of exhaustion.

Friday was my last class and next week is finals. I expect it will pass rather quickly in a whirlwind of grading as the exam itself is only two hours on Monday. After my grades are in, I'm done. Fini! I will have completed my first year of teaching and I was offered a contract for next year which I have signed (I need one more year for my temporary license to become permanent). Knowing that next year I will begin looking for a different job, I have been in contact with an overseas education placement service and even though my license will not be final until next May, they have requested a resume for the fall so that I can be considered for positions for the following year. A good sign.

I am looking forward to my trip to Oregon, the first weekend in June. I fear that I may sleep most of the vacation, but I hope to rest up after this week.

Thanks to all of you who posted wishes and congratulations on my 100 post. I can't believe it's been a year. Look forward to returning to regularly posting in the near future.


Pam said...

The placement service sounds promising, and exciting!, best of luck with that.

Enjoy your trip to Oregon!
: )

Mountain Dweller said...

Good luck with the grading and have fun in Oregon!

RennyBA said...

It's always good to have visitors - especially families of course, but it's good to see them out of the house after a while too!

You really are busy traveling - now Oregon, and then next ? ;-)

Jann said...

Boy, I remember my first year of teaching......and getting the reports cards and grades in....I think you need a three week vacation....have a wonderful time!