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08 December 2007

Two weeks

Two weeks until the end of the quarter. Although I will be returning with the students in January, my stay is only for a couple of weeks (possibly two) and then I am done. As the end of the semester is approaching, the behavior of students is escalating and I am more sure than ever of my decision. Besides the normal increase in talking and inability to pay attention, there has been a cheating scandal and a prank involving urine. Yes, that is urine; yes, at a high school; yes at a private, college prepatory high school where parents are paying beaucoup money to send their little angels. sigh.

Besides the school drama, life at home is a bit busy at I pack up PH and the children so they can leave for a skiing trip to Colorado on Tuesday. Notice that I am not going, instead to be replaced by my MIL on the trip, as I have to stay at school for more pranks involving body fluids. Really, I'm not a bit bitter.

Instead, I will be finishing my grades, completing the Christmas shopping and gift wrapping, and possibly have a glass of wine in front of the Christmas tree with the air conditioner on 60F(15C) so I can at least pretend it's winter. It appears my Christmas spirit has been replaced by sarcasm and the occasional eye roll. Looks like a stick in the stocking for Hexe this year.


Rosie said...

mmm body fluids eh..I should examine your glass of wine very closely before you relax in front of the tree in the peace and quiet

Merisi said...

What are those parents doing to their children? They should be placed in parenting camps!

Hexe, wait til the Befana shows up during the night before the Three Kings. She will bring you black coal. Made of sugar, and you will have to eat it. And brush brush brush!!!!! *iiiiii*