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02 December 2007

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

I wish we would have a "snow day" so I could spend time doing this stuff instead of grading papers


Rosie said...

How refreshing to find someone enjoying the trappings of Christmas. Yours must still be young. My teenagers say "forget about the tree, just give us a stocking full of large denomination folding stuff"

Merisi said...

I cannot believe how similar your tree and my tree look!
If it is of ony comfort to you, my kids would disown me if there wouldn't be a tree, including all those other little traditions they are used to. They are very keen on traditions and have a very good memory, can't cheat on them (like hiding an ornament that I got tired of).

hexe said...

Rosie - Mine are preschool aged so Christmas is a rather exciting time, even if we are confined to this perpetually sunny state.

Merisi - Well then, I must compliment you on your lovely taste and style ;) I too am big on traditions which is why I find a Florida Christmas difficult to swallow. Although, we have lived here over ten years, I have only spent one Christmas here (and I gave birth two days after that Christmas - the silly doctor wouldn't let me fly North at forty weeks pregnant). In the name of tradition, is it too much to ask for just a little snow in Florida?

Merisi said...

I found last year's Christmas tree on my own blog. *chuckle*
Well, yours looks better. I would dare to say that our tree in Washington did look a little more like yours. And then it may be only wishful dreaming.
With apologies to your splendid tree,
It's pretty warm here too. People are complaining left and right. The whole inner city is one big bazaar with little huts were people congregate for spiced red wine and more. Never met people who were as keen on standing outdoors for hours. Amazing sight.

RennyBA said...

I do wish for snow too but we're still waiting for it in Norway too. We've had a couple of snowdays, but then the rain wipe it out again. Its below freezing today though and I've just experienced a lovely sunset (it's 3:30 PM) and the sky was colored like in a fire - lovely.

Btw: Your Xmas tree looks wonderful :-)