Wish I was there . .
My passport is ready and I can be packed in minutes.

12 February 2008


So it appears we will not be moving to Denmark at this time. The interview itself was a good thing as PH has not done an interview in fifteen years. It was good to get some experience on a job and a country that was not really important to either of us. I would like to know if all this "finding a job overseas" is just a silly dream or if there really is a shot. I realize it has only been a month of "real" job searching and I need to be patient. I'd like to believe, but sometimes I wonder if that isn't the part of me that still wants to believe in Santa Claus, karma, and happy endings.

As far as my dreams, they still are elusive. Part of me doesn't trust my instinct after the most recent horror of teaching. Part of me just doesn't really know what in hell I want and I am not sure I ever will. Part of me (that damn Santa part) still thinks I may want to write. I know - how cliché! But I've said it and sent it out into the universe, so there! I might as well confess to having written a crappy novel about four years ago which remains hidden in a file cabinet. And I finally sat down today and wrote out a thousands words on something that has been floating in my head for awhile. So maybe there is a Santa, karma, and happy endings. And maybe I'll eventually figure out what I want to be if I decide to grow up. Or not.


Claire said...

An interview is the first step to getting that job. Unfortunately, I do think that the more practice you have then the better you do. I will keep my fingers crossed that more interviews come. I am impressed that you sat down and wrote! Keep it up!

Catharina said...

Keep believing in that happy ending! One can never know (and maybe not even suspect) what it will really be, just keep believing that it will be happy. Good luck with everything!

And I am glad you enjoyed my pictures of Lake Wolfgang (and your time there). It is one of my absolute favorite places and just about all of my lake pictures were taken there.