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04 February 2008

The Round-Up

  • Still sick but now on antibiotic. Hope to feel human again soon.

  • No school today due to teacher workshop. Have walked, rode scooter, written valentine cards, played inside and outside, dissolved sugar and salt in water to teach the definition of dissolve, went to the store, made stuffing for dinner, and still have thirty minutes until nap time.

    • Learned that children have began lesson on Black History month, but in the pre-school version of the lesson, Dr. Seuss was invovled in the equal rights march. Hew, age three, referred to Martin Luther King as Martin K. Mooney, explaining that Martin K. Mooney wanted everyone to get along and that Martin K. Mooney was shot.

    That's the excitement from Florida. Maybe after nap, we'll launch a spaceship, find a cure for the common cold, or just have a cookie.


    DianeCA said...

    The amazing activist, Dr Seuss!! Hehehe thats too funny! Amazing facts I didn't learn in kindergarden....

    Rosie said...

    feel better soon