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25 May 2008

The "sick meal"

I am feeling under the weather. Not deathly ill or anything - my stomach is off a bit and if my children would not finger paint the house, I could easily spend the day in bed. When I'm sick, I want my childhood "sick meal" - you know, what your mother made when you were a kid and sick. In our house, this meal consisted of Campbell's chicken noddle soup and half a peanut butter sandwich. The soup has to be the actual thin, stringy noddle kind - no "O's", cartoon characters, or low sodium. And the sandwich has to be on soft white bread, not toasted and just peanut butter - preferably the creamy kind. You sip the broth with the peanut butter. According to my husband, this is gross, but I'm telling you, this meal and an afternoon watch mindless television on the couch with a satin edge blanket and you're cured. I may be pushing forty, but when I'm sick, this is what I want.

So what's your "sick meal"?


Ms Mac said...

I don't have one of those meals. I can't think of one, anyway. You go ahead and enjoy your peanut butter sanga and soup. We all have your little quirks, yours is just a little quirkier than others... ;-)

Rosie said...

chocolate, and chocolate and chocolate. I was ill with hepatitis and took a 6 month treatment which virtually removed all appetite...except for chocolate. I lived on it...

Merisi said...

Oh, you poor Hexe!
Get well soon,
send those kids to Bible School, or something, anywhere. ;-)

I don't have a sick meal,
but if you let me simply stay in bed and do nothing, I shall not complain about the lack of nourishment.
I am a mother, after all. ;-)

RennyBA said...

Poor you - wish I was there mothering you - get well!

Hope your weekend is better :-)