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13 June 2008

The Letter I Wanted to Write

Dear Mr. Hiring Director at VIP Company located in the Beautiful Place of my Dreams:

We received your email yesterday requesting further information from PH as you are considering his application for employment. To be frank, after reading the email we both stood slack-jawed for a bit. You see we applied for the position knowing there was no way PH would be seriously considered. We even laughed a bit at our foolishness for applying. By not sending us the form rejection letter outright, you have caught us by surprise and infused hope into a dream that we were slowly letting go.

Don't get me wrong, PH would be an ideal candidate. As his wife, I can certainly attest to his thorough education that was nearly the cost of a home, his dedication to his job, his anal retentive need for perfection, and his ability to handle a stressful situation with a calm demeanor, such as when our toddler son split his lip and had to be mummified to a table, while several shots were injected in the lip before the rushed doctors could suture the gaping, bloody cut. There is no job that PH could not handle if given the opportunity.

However, we had begun to search out prospects closer to our current home. It just seemed easier - no language barrier, a move that is cross country versus across the Atlantic, our licenses to practice law is recognized without any further classes, applications or tests. Easier wasn't necessarily our aim, but after months of steady rejections, we began to realize our skills weren't exactly marketable in a "global economy."

The thing is, your email reminded me of why we wanted a more difficult road - the education and life lessons for our children, being forced to learn a new language and a new culture, the excitement of being forced out of comfort zone and the potential growth we would experience. I don't mean to sound like a Hallmark card, but there is a pull to try and live as an expat. One that I can't necessarily explain. I want to not be hopeful so that the line is cut and dry, but your email has thrown me back into the turmoil of wondering if we are giving up to easy? Are we settling?

I suppose there is nothing else to tell you - you have the paperwork and now, we just wait. PH is following up on things closer to home. But me, I want to say that I am reasonable and I know this opportunity is such an incredible long shot, but damned if I don't still have hope and will be disappointed when the rejection letter comes.

With Regards,


Rosie said...

courage girl...one day your prince will come...or an email...and then you will become an expat just like me and spend your time wishing you could speak your own language somewhere other than the internet

Ms Mac said...

Never let go of the dream. You just never know what's around the corner.

We certainly didn't.

Expat Traveler said...

I'm still working on it one day at a time with P and I'm making tiny footprints of progress one year at a time..lol

I agree - Keep your dreams! Without them, we don't have much hope.. :)