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12 August 2008

Look out Milan!

So yes, in October my mother and I are headed to Milan. Most of our trip will be spent north of the city in Merano, Italy and Innsbruck, Austria. We did reserve a weekend for Milan, but for the most part I want to gaze out over the Alps, drink some good wine, feel the cool air, and sigh with contentment. Sappy but true.

Milan was not our original destination, but tickets were found on Air One for $650 with a direct flight for my Mom. Without knowing where Milan was on a map, my mother's response was "BOOK IT!!!!!!" Nine days without kids and I'd go just about anywhere! It should be interesting as my mother's idea of travel is to kill yourself seeing every last church, museum, and statue listed in a tourist guide. I am more of interested in finding the nearest hiking path, good market, and delicious food. I'm sure I'll convert her!

Feel free to tell me where to go or stay as we have no plans in stone yet. Where's your favorite place in Italy or Austria?


Ms Mac said...

You know, you could probably do a day trip to Venice. It's only 2 & 1/2 hours on the train.

My very favourite place in Italy is Roma. But I've only been to Venice, Milan and Rome so that's all I have to base it on. But still, I'd go to Rome tomorrow in a heartbeat.

Rosie said...

ooh yes, go to venice if you can especially at that time of year. I loved Florence as well!

hexe said...

Ms. Mac - My Mom's only condition was that she did not want to go anywhere she had already been and that condition knocked many places including Rome and Florence off the list.

Rosie - We considered Venice but decided to go North instead. Mom insisted that she wants to do some hiking "before she is too old to do it." I wanted to see a different section of Austria, as I loved the Salzkammergut region. Venice is on my short list for another year, but my short list is rather long!

Thanks for the suggestions!

RennyBA said...

Hey, you are one month too late! I'm going to Milan in September and then we could met :-)

I've been there once before, but on a business trip so I did not had the time to see that much. I very nice town square though with some nice restaurant - and then of course a very nice cathedral.

Other than that, Roma is my Italian town. Have never been in Austria.

Claire said...

How fun!! I am sure that getting away will be great.

My favorite place in Austria is Salzburg. Very pretty and lots of good sites. However, Vienna is nice too . . .

I have never been to Italy!

Expat Traveler said...

Switzerland! Lol - A great italian part of switzerland I might add.. But austria is nice too!

Congrats on the 9 day trip.. Oh how much fun! And in the best time of th e year, autumn leaves and festivals!

Merisi said...

Hm, Viena's only 11 hours by train.
Having said that,
how about Bologna?
Lake Como is great too!
Val Gardena (Grödner Tal) in South Tirol and the Tannertal in Tyrol, for hiking.
Lake Garda.
Just a few ...