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07 August 2008

Time Flies

You would think five weeks in Maine with my family would give me blog material, but the time just flew and many of the family events are not blog material. Some of my favorite memories include a picnic with my 84 years young grandparents and my kids at my aunt's camp where I used to swim as a kid, my kids and their two cousins (ages four to nine) performing a "show" for me with a Barbie guitar, singing Taylor Swift's You Should Have Said No, two lobster boils, a July 4th golf cart parade at my parent's golf course where the kids dressed as clowns with my dad, a visit to a sugar shack outside of Quebec City, the border patrol on the Maine/Canada border who asked if I had any "fireharms", picking green beans from my parent's garden, and cooler weather. It went so fast.

Fearing that I would have travel withdrawal if I didn't have a trip to anticipate, PH agreed to watch the kids so I could take a trip with my Mom in October. My parents own and run golf course in Northern Maine during the summer and fall. My Dad will be moose hunting for two weeks in September, leaving Mom with the business. Mom decided turn about is fair play and told me to find tickets to anywhere in Europe. Care to guess where I picked? Here are your clues . . .


Ms Mac said...

Oh! Oh! I know! I know!

I could maybe hop on a train for the day for the bottom one...... Maybe......?

hexe said...

Ooohhh Yes! Would love to meet up with you. Will send you an email with dates once annoying children go to bed.

Jenn in Holland said...

Ah, you are going to LOVE Milano.