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29 April 2009

Another Field Trip . . . But With Clothes On

I am off this morning to chaperon my son's field trip. We will taking a hike through a nature preserve which I suspect will require me to repeatedly say "Get on the path." Something about trees, sticks, and creepy crawlies calls out to five year old boys, and before you can say "snack time" these kids are in the woods poking at gators and snakes. Yes, there are gators in nature preserve. I'm just going to hope they've already breakfasted on a couple of old retiree bird watchers this morning.

Anyways, as I enjoyed my last drip of coffee, I found this article on BBC news. Even if you don't click to it, the title of it says what you need to know "Naked Swiss Hiker Must Cover Up". I have to admit that I am very glad we are not in Switzerland this morning. I only need to lie about explain the mating love bugs, and not why the bird watchers are nekkid.

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