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06 April 2009

Where I've Been

I apologize for the disappearing act. When my grandmother passed away, things got a bit hectic. Gram died unexpectedly as she was returning to Maine. It happened at a rest stop in New Jersey. My uncle and grandfather had to finish the drive to Maine and were actually hit by a drunk driver about an hour from home.

For us, we had been scheduled to be in South Carolina for Spring Break, so plans had to cancelled and arrangements to Maine were made. Being the only lawyer in the family, there were things to be handled, a eulogy to write, and just those sad details that have to be handled even in death. I planned to take some pictures and get them posted but it just didn’t happen.

We decided to try to have a few days of Spring Break when we returned to Florida last Thursday. There were some good times, but we have had a week of craziness. I am just going to write it all out because some day I’ll be able to see the humor in these past two weeks. If you are looking for happiness and sunshine, you’d best go elsewhere today.

Thursday morning as we board the plane for Florida, Hubby gets a call. His Mom (MIL) and Sister (SIL) were involved in an accident. Another car ran a red light (witnessed by a police officer) and slammed into MIL and SIL. Both are taken to hospital and the car is totaled. Thankfully everyone is okay – bruised, sore, and cut, but nothing broken. MIL tells us to head onto the beach as she is just going to be at home with SIL.

Thursday night, there is a tornado warning for the beach area. Hubby and I end up sleeping down in kid’s room due to strong winds and my fear of “what if”.

Friday through Saturday are uneventful – swimming and shell collecting are the high lights.

Sunday we pack up to head home. Hew complains of pain in his stomach. Within thirty minutes, he can not comfortable stand. We stop and give him some gas medicine and he uses the bathroom. The pain does not go away. After an hour more in the car with screaming child, we find an ER. Hew is pale, has low blood pressure, and is still in severe pain. An hour and half later, we are taken to a room. The attendant is cleaning the room from the prior patient; he is not wearing gloves. After stripping the bed, attendant reaches for a clean sheet (no hand washing between cleaning and making of bed) and drops clean sheet onto pile of dirty sheets from prior patient. Attendant picks up the dropped sheet and goes to put it on the bed for Hew. Hubby asks for a clean sheet. While this is going on, we are standing in the hallway with a woman who is having a psychiatric episode which includes loud, nonsensical talking and hitting herself. Hew and KK are freaked.

When doctor comes in, he pushes on Hew’s belly and Hew reacts with pain. The doctor then tells us that he has concerns about appendicitis but this hospital has no pediatric doctors and no surgical doctors for children. We can wait for three hours to have test for appendicitis, and if it is positive then they will transport Hew to a hospital an hour away. Or we can leave now and take Hew forty minutes away to a children’s facility. We take Hew and begin the drive. About fifteen miles from the children’s facility, Hew says he is feeling better. We call FIL who is an ob/gyn and he tells us if the pain goes away, it is not appendicitis and says to go home and follow up with pediatrician unless Hew has severe pain again. So this morning’s visit to the doctor has resulted in an unknown diagnosis that could be irritable bowel, intestinal problems, stomach problems, food reactions, or any other potential stomach/bowel/intestinal ailment. We are keeping a food/waste diary and are to return when/if the pain returns.

While I am trying to keep a sense of humor, the past ten days have included visiting hours and a funeral, the writing and delivery of a eulogy, the appointment as the executor of the will, the handling of an insurance claim for an auto accident, a visit to the ER, and an undiagnosed stomach ailment. I need a nap.


Amy said...

I'm speechless after reading this!!! Sorry about your grandmother..and your grandfather is he ok after being hit by a drunk driver??? Ugh, your poor family!! When it rains it pours with you! Hope the next weeks bring more joy then you've seen the last week.

hexe said...

Thanks Amy! My Grandfather is physical fine; he has a mild form of dementia but seems to remember most of it. The good part is that hopefully this will be it for awhile. I don't do well when my kids are sick.

Expat Traveler said...

My problems are so minor compared to what you have been through! I do hope things look up for everyone. I did have the worst alergy attack yet (or ever) since arriving in Canada. I rarely get these but it involves non stop sneezing and nose running followed by looks at people that I will spread disease because it's that bad! I'm hoping a 3rd shower will clear it all out! I hate pollen!

Ok - now I am hoping we can see some photos from you. I'll work on that tonight too, i hope!

:) Positive vibes your way!

Pumpkin said...

I really hope that you got that nap.

I am sorry for your loss and for such an eventful week (not in a good way).

I completely understand about not liking when your kids are sick and I hope that everything is fine with your son. I know that you are worrying about it even if he says that it doesn't hurt anymore.

misschris said...

Wow that's completely crazy. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope you're having a better week!

jen said...

Seriously, if you did not get that nap, i think I'm going to start a collection to get you a cleaning lady/nanny.

So sorry. the trouble ball should now bounce away, don't you think?

hexe said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. I just had to write it all down because it just seemed unreal. I started to dread when the phone rang.

And Jen, I'd be happy to take that cleaning lady/nanny!

Rosie said...

my dear what stress!

take two naps...

Merisi said...

Oh your poor sweet Mamma,
I am so sorry reading about your grandmother's passing and all the rest of that turbulent week!
I sincerely hope you to get an extra 40 winks every now and then.
You truly earn it.