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25 May 2009

Bad Parent.

To celebrate the end of school, yesterday we went to Epcot. We woke up, dressed, had breakfast, packed a few snacks, loaded everyone into the car, and drove 45 minutes to Epcot. We parked the car, walked to the entrance, had our bags searched, and showed our tickets for admission. We went to Spaceship Earth and the Universe of Energy Pavilion. We walked to Mexico and rode the boat twice. We met up with Hubby's cousin and walked to Norway, looked at the church, and rode with the Viking and watched a movie. It was then that Hubby's cousin asked about Hew's hair. It was then that we noticed that our youngest gave himself a hair cut before we left for Epcot. There were large chunks missing from the front, one side, the top, and the back.

. . . in our defense, he did have a hat on once we got into Epcot.


Expat Traveler said...

lol.... so what was the outcome??? At least you let him express himself on his own... ;-)

Lisa Michelle said...

Beautiful strudel and step by step photos! Love the fruity combo in the filling! :)