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25 July 2009

A Hike Up Schafberg

From Wolfgangsee, there is a cog train that transports you 5850 feet to the top of Schafberg

But why ride, when you can hike!

And with views like this, I'd say we made the right choice!

Here's where we are going! Really it's not that far - just another hour straight up!

And through some cows who are clearing the path for us!

Cows and alpine mountains - just call me Heidi!

Not far now and look at how far we have come!

We made it up Schafberg!

And here's the reward (along with a little lunch from Hotel Schafbergspitze, accessible only by cog train or hiking trail!).

But the fog begins to roll in . . .

. . . and then back out again!

Let's ride down just to experience it (and save my knees).
Until our next visit!


RennyBA's Terella said...

Looks like a beautiful place - so nice and quiet and what a view and scenery! Looks a bit like mountains in Norway, don't you think? :-)

Amy said...

Gorgeous! I've been out of the loop with blog reading since my mom passed away so I've missed where you are now? Are you on vacation in the swiss alps? Amazing..and I would have taken the train down also- you'd think going up is the hard part but your knees would be ruined by the time you got down...ugh...

Expat Traveler said...

How much fun, now that's my kind of trail...

Love the pics!

Chitra and Vijay Sundaram said...

It looks beautiful and you have described the hike so lucidly!

One question: how far is the hike up and how long did it take you?