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19 August 2009

Bathroom Update

I am no idea how those home make over shows manage to make over a room in 48 hours or build a house in a week. And they do it with their perfectly done hair and make up. Not so much here.

We are into week two. I don't think I've bothered to style my hair in all that time. While demolishing the bathroom was quick, albeit dirty (I am still finding wall plaster throughout the house), reconstruction is taking time. Hubby finished filling the holes in the wall and plastered the ceiling where the ugly florescent light used to be in part of the bathroom. I have sanded the baseboards and trim, washed them, taped off and painted them in another part of the bathroom. Today I move onto the walls in my part of the bathroom, and then I sand, wash and paint the baseboards and trim in Hubby's part of the bathroom. I also need to paint the plastered ceiling. I hope to move onto the walls by Friday. All this painting must be done and dried by this weekend when the counter top is to be installed (by Hubby and me sometime after the mini-triathlon he is doing and the five dozen cookies I need to make for a neighborhood back to school party have been baked). I've started stripping, sanding, and re-varnishing the wood cupboards (this including mixing my own wood finish to get the color "we" think "we" want!), but frankly that is going to have to wait until next week to be completed. I still need to find a new medicine cabinet, the fixtures for the sink, and a towel rack. Again, push that off to next week. Yes, we will be working on this well into week three. Where is the Design Crew when I need them?

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Merisi said...

You are up and running, amazing Wonderwoman! :-)

Have you ever thought about teaching your children German? I was thinking of your love for St. Wolfgang today. I picked up the son of an American friend of mine (he's flying back to the East Coast tomorrow) from what must be one of the greatest summer camps on this earth, his third time now, 6 weeks at Lake St. Wolfgang, sailing the days away, among other things. The children must speak some German, though. Wouldn't that be wunderbar, your kids spending their summers there?