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11 August 2009

First Day of School

Today my baby started kindergarten and my oldest second grade. After much discussion and thinking, they went back to the private school. We know the kindergarten teacher and Hew will have a fantastic year. It's my job to make sure KK gets a challenge this year. I have to say for all my worrying, today went well. First day, best behavior, reconnecting with friends - no tears or regrets. We've made the best decision for this year, and next year I'll worry about later!

In case you are thinking I'll be bored now that the kids are in school, have no fear as I have made some plans. First, I signed up for a photography class at an art school - don't expect much as it is once a week, but it will force me to finally finish that 400 page manual. Second, I demolished part of the kid's bathroom and am currently stripping and staining cupboards, spackling, priming, and painting walls and ceilings, and putting in a new counter top (of course PH has to help with some it!). Once that is done, PH and I have discussed doing the same to the cupboards and walls in our bathroom and then possibly the walls in the family room as they are beginning to crack under the strain of doubling as the play area. And finally, I am desperately trying to get signed up for a German I class just because I want to learn it. And with the normal laundry, cooking, and cleaning, I should be busy until December. I know none of this is directed at finding a job or getting us out of Florida. We are still looking, but it was decided I needed to do some things just because I enjoy them. I also decided that I need to find things that make me happy here (thanks to Frau M. in Austria for reminded me that my happiness is my responsibility). In this economy, we may be here awhile and life is too short to always be looking forward. And I am lucky to have the time to do these things.

For us summer is over (yes it is still is hot as Hades but I am trying to remain ignore it) and it is back to "work" but that doesn't mean I won't share some of my pictures from this summer! These were all taken wandering through Vienna. I should have paid attention to where we were, but we were having too much fun just walking.


misschris said...

There's still three weeks left here. Sounds like you guys had a nice vacation. Beautiful pictures!

Expat Traveler said...

I think you are making a great decision. Can't wait to hear more about the photography. Love the photos!

christina said...

I can never understand it when people say they're bored when their kids aren't there. I have about 70 billion things on my Want to Do/Must Do list and as much as I love the little (OK, big) guys, none of them involve my kids!

Hope the kids have a great school year. They grow up so fast.

P.S. The link for the cherry chutney recipe is in my blog post. Just click on "cherry chutney" to get there.

Merisi said...
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Merisi said...
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