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08 January 2010

Just another day

Yesterday, after a bike ride, I began working on these

. . . sanding off the old paint, putting on the new paint, so that this weekend I can paint the walls. Then I made . . .

. . . Julia Child's French Onion Soup as it is still cold here. I follwed the recipe exactly and the only change I would make is to leave out the salt as the stock had plenty without adding extra. But even so, it was divine with . . .

. . . the two loaves of French Bread I made that morning.

I even attempted to make my own mozerella from Home Cheese Making by Ricki Carroll, but discovered that milk that says pasturized here is really ultra pasturized thus killing off the stuff needed to make the cheese and turning my mozerella attempt into some mushy yuck. Sorry no pictures of that mess.

Today it is German homework, my favorite italian meat sauce, and clean the house as my parents are arriving here after driving 1500+ miles for warmer weather.  I guess visiting wth their grandchildren will have to do as the warm weather  doesn't appear to arriving anytime soon.

Happy Friday!


G in Berlin said...

Sounds wonderful.

RennyBA's Terella said...

You always tempt me with your food photos - my mouth is watering!

Happy weekend :-)

Ms Mac said...

Oooh, lovely. I've been planning to make some French Onion soup this week because yesterday I made some awesome (even if I do say so myself) cheese scones and they'd go perfectly together.

Love that French bread! Was it difficult?

Merisi said...

You are one Great Woman!
The bread looks delicious: I get a craving for a slice and a bowl of soup.

Can't believe that it is cold right now that your parents are coming to stay with you.

My kitchen was closed today. We went to Figlmüller and had Schnitzel.

Merisi said...

Are you still nice and toasty, er, under the cold spell?
I hope there is nothing that spoiled the cold fun!