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06 January 2010

The Path Not Taken

For a bit now, we have been contemplating a new opportunity.  I always thought that once the opportunity came we'd know exactly what to do - run for the border of Mouseland and never look back.  However, this opportunity comes with a condition that has made us pause in our mad dash to leave.  The new opportunity would require us to move every few years - sometimes nationally and sometimes internationally.  We would have limited input in the locations and some of the potential locations are still "developing".   For Hubby and me, the idea of paid travel every few years sounds like a fun adventure, but it's not just us.  Taking this opportunity means that our children would have to move a lot.  When we inquired about stayng in one location for six years so the kids could start and finish high school in one place (btw - six years because they are two years apart, not because they will need six years to graduate), the answer was resoundingly negative.  We could probably have four years, but not six.

We have tried making the list of positive and negative aspects.  While this opportunity would definately be interesting and challenging, the financial benefits are not any greater then our current situation.  And while we might find living in a developing nation interesting, I don't think our children will see it the same way, especially when they will settle in only to have to start over every two to four years.  And how will I feel when the education choices for them are "limited"?  I think we know the right answer for us and our family, but sacrificing an interesting path doesn't come easy when we have been looking to leave here for so long.  Sometimes I hate being a grown up.

p.s.  Thanks for the encouragement.  After I wrote this, I went for a run and on the last hill (well, the only hill really - afterall this is Florida!) the song "You Can't Always Get What You Want" came on my ipod.  I just had to laugh.  While I love the Rolling Stone version of the song, my new favorite is the Glee version of it.


Jen said...

Very wise, we made the same decision around Easter of last year. The job was right, the location was exciting, but the schooling wasn't good enough and we had to think of the kids, including an 11 year old.

Merisi said...

I empathize with you!
The interesting side of roads not taken is that others may open for you instead in the future.
Happy New Year!

Rosie said...

you never know what might turnup...but it is hard. still, kids come first dont they? ours have always been our prime consideration when we moved. Happy new year Hexe, to my first friend in blogland. Seemslike a long btime ago now!

G in Berlin said...

I think that you never know what life will bring and you can always look for another job in the future if you want. Most jobs I know that move American execs to the developing world include secure housing and private schools: would this? And you can always job change later.
But what do I know- I think living by Disney would be sort of cool.

misschris said...
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