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26 April 2010

Still Spinning

I wish I could say I had news, but nothing to report. So I've been keeping busy:
  • I have painted the trim and walls in the living room. I just have one more wall around the windows, and then I am left with just the bedrooms to update.
  • The green beans are in, the parsley has taken off, the lettuce is now gone, but the tomatoes and cukes are just beginning to flower. Go garden!
  • Hubby and kids did a road race this weekend. I just cheered - not quite ready to run a race again.  But I have begun running again, now that spurs on my heels have been reduced and the doctor has cleared me to run.
  • Hubby took me to see La Nouba, Cirque du Soleil for my birthday on Saturday. On Friday, I had friends over for a Mexican dinner and made some tasty sangria and even better chocolate mousse. Both nights were lots of fun. 
  • Made strawberry jelly and am going to move on to jam today.
  • Trying to stay positive and be patient, but I never was virtuous . . .
Circle B Nature Preserve
March 2010

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Expat Traveler said...

happy belated, sounds like you are busy... I know how that is as I think we are in that same mind rut and we both want something MORE badly!!!!