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11 April 2010

Waiting With Hope

I try not to write about it much, but we are still continuing the job search.  We still hope to leave Florida and the resumes are still going out.  For the most part, they fall into two categories - jobs in places that are close to my family in New England and jobs that are far, far away.

Part of me wants to be close to my family.  To see my children grow up with their cousins.  To have autumn with apple orchards and real pumpkin patches.  To have summers at the lake.  It is the place of my youth and all that I know, and I would enjoy seeing my children have some of the same experiences.

On the other hand, there are so many interesting places in the world.  I would love my children to learn another language and to truly experience another culture as only you can when you live there.  I would love to put myself in a situation where I have no choice but to learn a new language and live a different and unknown life.

This week, in a two hour span, Hubby's job hunt became a symbol of my conflict.  This week, he has an interview with a firm within a hour of my siblings and within two hours of my parents.  It is a place I know well (went to school in the area) and it would be comfortable and familar.  Next week, he has an interview with a US entity that is far, far, far away (think over the ocean).  While the language at work would be english, it is certainly not an english speaking place.  It would be challenging and exciting and a very different life in some ways.

They are both first interviews, and it is a long process, and neither may ever offer Hubby a job, or neither may be the "right" choice.  But for a just a bit, I thought "what if" - what if one of these is the right job.  And for just a minute, I had some hope that someday we might actually leave here.


Expat Traveler said...

That is quite odd because I had the same thing happen to me, in a slightly different context and I asked myself "what if".. Yes see we both have goals and dream and that is great!!!

I do cross my fingers for luck to be on hubby's side!!!

Merisi said...

I have a wish for you.
I'll tell you in twenty years
what my choice would have been.
And why.

OSLO said...

Exciting but uncertain times. Can understand the desire for both possibilities :)