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09 September 2010

Saved by a Seedling

Today was going to be a whiny post.  Since coming back from the funeral a week ago, I've been out of sorts.  I had to withdraw from my German class at the university because they felt I would be missing too many days due to the funeral and trip to Austria.  I am trying to arrange private lessons with the money that was for the class, but so far no luck.  The kids are right back into school and activities.  Over the weekend, I either picked up a head cold or am having allergies.  During the day, I won't take any medication but at night I need to take something so I can clear my sinuses in order to sleep.  I wake up foggy and slow moving.  I spent yesterday cooking a meal to take to a friend's house as her father in law went in for surgery this week and died unexpectedly.  The funeral is tomorrow.  I am the executor of my grandfather's will and the list of items and accounts to be handled is never ending (if anyone is interested in 100+ acres and an old farm house in rural Maine - let me know).  And while autumn may be making limited appearances elsewhere, it's hot and sticky and moldy here.  Plus, yet again Florida has produced some wackado who makes international news for doing something utterly inane. 

So it was with this attitude I went for a run this morning.  I was pissed because I couldn't breathe due to allergies.  And I was pissed that while in Maine I could run 5-6 miles comfortably, but here due to the heat and inability to breathe it was only 3 miles.  And I was pissed that the air is so thick with moisture, it was the equivalent of running in a steam room.  And I hate Florida. 

Usually after running, I feel better, but today was an angry run and I was still feeling agitated after the run - wheezing, sore throat, nose running, sinus headache. I rounded the house expecting to see that the seeds I'd planted over the weekend had been eaten by the squirrels and instead I found these

Pictures are a bit fuzzy due to my camera's reaction to the humidity, but these are seedlings for green beans and wax beans that I planted on Saturday. I'm not saying I love Florida or this heat; given a lottery win or a job, I'd be out of this place faster then you can say Sunshine State. But for today, I'll be pleased with the fact that in just five days after putting a seed in the ground, I can grow a plant.

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G in Berlin said...

Hey, thinking of you. You are under a lot of stress and you should remember to stop and breathe whenever you can. I'd also be annoyed at needing to drop the class, but if you know what the text is, perhaps you can work through it a bit at your own pace, so that when you do start the class you do so with some comfort?