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15 September 2010

Say What You Need to Say

A  mother of two children who attend the same school as my kids died today.  She was diagnosised with cancer in June.  I didn't know her - our children are a few years apart, but it is a small school so news travels fast.  She was younger then I am.  Her two children are in middle school.  And the rumors are that she suffered.  So in memory of those who die too young, who leave behind children and a husband who still need them, please tell someone what they mean to you today.

****Wanted to put in picture here but my computer has a bug and I am working off of Hubby's which contains no photos.


G in Berlin said...

I lost a blogging friend in July.He wrote the most beautiful post, so beautiful that I wanted to wait until I got back from vacation to respond. But then there were no posts and I didn't have e-mail access... and when I got home and looked at the comments, he had died after his last post.
I miss his words and presence but what I am saddest about is that I did not immediately take the time to tell him how his words moved me and how beautiful and meaningful they were.
Life is not a rehearsal: now is the time to do what must be done.

Merisi said...

Life is so fragile and precious.
I hope the husband and children are surrounded by the love of family and friends.

My sister died when her daughters were middle school age. My heart just broke watching her and thinking how she must feel, knowing that she has to leave them behind.

Merisi said...
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hexe said...

G and Merisi - Thank you for your kind thoughts. Life is much too short.