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02 December 2010

He sees you when you're sleeping . . .

. . . He knows when you're awake.
He knows if you've been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake!

J. Fred Coots and Haven Gillespie
Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

*** A bit off the Christmas theme, but for those who have previously asked I am doing much better.  Unfortunately my second experience in the hospital was horribly negative.  My husband and I have walked away knowing that not only must you have someone to advocate on your behalf,  but you must make a scene to be heard.  We didn't do this and even though we warned doctors that I am hypersensitive to medication, they put me on a full dose while admitting they were unsure of a diagnosis.  I was not told of potential side affects, include psychiatric affects such as anxiety and paranoia, as well as physical side affects such as my blood pressure shooting sky high, shaking, and inability to sleep.  I was not given a follow up with a doctor, but thankfully on the advice of nurses had scheduled an appointment with an ENT, who immediately took me off the medication, and was able to diagnosis the reflux.  It took more then two weeks for the medication to fully leave my system.  The positive in all this is that my fear of being unhealthy and going back to the hospital has resulted in an 18 pound weight loss with a change in diet and increase in exercise.  Plus to calm my type A personality down, I started practicing yoga again after a two year hiatus.  A silver lining to an otherwise horrible experience.


Irish Nomad said...

From one Type A to another, I feel for you. It sounds like you've had a horrendous, yet avoidable, experience. Hope you keep up the yoga. I often think about doing it but can't imagine staying still long enough.

Merisi said...

I couldn't agree more, an advocate is what every ill person should have on his or her side. I am so glad you had a Schutzengel nurse on your side when you needest her most!