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14 January 2007

Still looking on the bright side

Incredibly, the good mood continues. I say "incredibly" because I have some horrid stomach virus that makes me feel tethered to the bathroom. However, I have lost almost five pounds since Friday. Not the diet plan I was going to use, but I'll take it. Hope everyone has a happy MLK day tomorrow - although I have the day off, I'll be working on lesson plans if I can break free of the tether.


Expat Traveler said...

MLK day? What's that. ;-)

Yes it is nice that P loves some types of posts and he is enjoying all of the comments. I do have to be careful what I write here because I'm sure he'll be around to comment too..

Yes I've got it good. What can I say, I'm a lucky gal!

Ms Mac said...

Yes, I don't mind the occassional stomach bug either. If only they were good enough to turn up before that night out you want to look fab for!

Oh, and weren't quite so uncomfortable to endure! ;-)