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22 January 2007

The Queen of Planning

The Queen of Planning should really be my title. It's not enough that I am constantly planning our escape from this state in eighteen month [well, really sixteen months and ten days, but who's counting :)], but it appears that I have become my entire family planner.

This weekend, I arranged for my family's various summer flights, car rental, and a hotel in Norway. My sister and her family will be visiting Mouseland at the end of February so I planned a dinner at my house for her and her brood, and my grandmother, her 87 year old boyfriend (don't ask!), and my aunt, uncle, and cousin all who live about an hour from here.

Then, I received another call from sister who had been talking to to my parents. It seems that instead of a fortieth anniversary party in August, my parents want a family trip to celebrate - WITH ALL OF US! That is eight adults and five children, ages two, three, five, six, and nine. The only available time that everyone can schedule the trip is the week after Christmas. And of course, since I am the Queen of Planning, the trip has been dumped on my doorstep. I say "dumped," but in reality I don't mind as it gives me some control as to where we go.

So here's the parameters - it must be warm, preferable the Caribbean, possibly an inclusive sort of place, accessible from Boston and Florida, big enough to accommodate 8 adults and five children, with a kitchen so we don't always have to take the kids out, and it must be the week after Christmas. What I have run into so far is that the cost between Christmas and New Years increases at most resorts at least three fold. I have one lead in the Dominican Republic that looks promising, but I'm hoping for some assistance in blogger world - places people can recommend or places to go with thirteen of your family members (yes, hell does seem to be the most accurate response). All this family planning has left no time to plan my Mommy free time in May, but I'm sure I'll come up with something (insert dramatic sigh here). Where's my crown?


RennyBA said...

Since Norway is a kingdom, I'll send one over to you LoL!

Sorry I've not been around for a while but have been busy celebrating my wifes birthday and we even have the in-laws from US visiting. Come over and contribute if you like:-)

Heather said...


I'm really no help, but I feel your 'pain'. I'm a planner myself, and I enjoy it. My friend and I always talk about opening a party planner business. But then I have to deal with all those people.

He he.

Expat Traveler said...

never been to the east coast so I don't have a clue either... Yup a pricey time to plan for that one! I've heard dom is pretty nice..

Kerrin said...

well can you imagine, that I looked on orbitz..and was saying..okay if the tickets are around 200..i'll consider it.....i waited, and waited for the orbitz to do its thinking...and the price....$243 nonstop from syracuse to frankfurt...so then I had to talk myself down from that cliff i was going to jump off....with tax though it was $417...but I really almost considered it...if it would have been 243 including all taxes..i would have clicked yes!! and gone for 2 days:) and dragged you with me!!!! sigh..someday we will have to do it! (us expat wanabee's) :)

Kerrin said...

okay sorry hexe...you must be very confused..i was helping my friend who just is starting a blog with formatting or trying to put her sitemeter in...and only after i left you the above comment...realized that i was still logged in on her account on my computer...duh, double duh!!!

so it is me:) kim from a frog hopped into our life:)

christina said...

Whoah, sounds like that's going to be a planning challenge. I'm afraid I can't help you there. Just wanted to say that I'm hoping to have an 87 year old boyfriend some day. :-)

hexe said...

Renny - I'll be looking for that crown! Hope your wife is enjoying her birthday week.

Heather - Thanks for the suggestion. I've looked some in Mexico but nothing yet.

E.T. - Never been to Maine? You have not lived :)

Kim - Not to worry. I immediately knew who you were by the references to Germany. I agree that someday we'll have to be wild and crazy and just go!

Mausi - The 87 year old boyfriend is quite a story. Someday, I'll have to post it. Suffice it to say that I know more about my grandmother than I ever needed to!

misschrisc said...

What about house swapping for a week? I bet you could look on one of those house swap sites and find someone who'd love to trade with you or your parents.