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24 July 2007

A Beaching

I apologize now for this post. We arrived back in Florida yesterday and I'm a bit off balance. I'm happy to see my home after being away for the last month but being back in Florida is . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . disappointing, frustrating, overwhelming, hot, humid, and periodically tearful.
We're lucky - we have a stable home, jobs, healthy kids but I really dislike it here. And then I take a deep breath and remind myself one more year - one more year and we can look to move, find jobs elsewhere, and get the hell out of here. Yeah I'm whining.

I also didn't blog nearly enough. I have pictures and stories and memories and a lot of laughter from this trip. The last week was spent with my parents at their golf course in Northern Maine. Generally, when people talk about golf, I tend to think of snotty country clubs and a dress code, but this is Maine and the course is at the base of a mountain on a peninsula only accessible by boat. It's smack in the middle of a forty mile lake and no one lives on the peninsula in the winter. The course attracts a beer drinking, flannel wearing sort of crowd. There are some high and mighty types trying to buy up the property and build giant summer homes, but periodically they are reminded that there is no way to run out the true Mainers.

Right before we left, PH and I went into "town" for dinner one night as my parents watched the kids. (Town is populated by 1600 residents and we were in an unincorporated township of less than 300 people) As we returned, one of the property owners on the peninsula was headed into "town" for a night out. This is a guy who is from Maine but has made it "big" and now lives out of state. However, leaving the state doesn't mean you forget your roots. This guy and his buddy helped us untie our boat and we headed towards my parents as they headed to town.

Fast forward twelve hours and this is where we see this guy's boat the next morning

Seems this guy and his buddy had a few
drinks in "town" and couldn't find the
docks which are on the other side of the

They guy claims he didn't know how close he was to shore until he hit the beach and went airborn, landing at least a hundred feet up the shore into the trees. By the time I got down there in the morning, half the population was already there with cell phones and cameras clicking away. People were standing around murmuring that he was "friggin' lucky" no one was hurt and it's a "god damn miracle the boat wasn't damaged." After these statement, a chorus of "Ayup" was uttered in response. For the boat owner, the shame continued as the only way to get the boat back in the water was to use a crane. There is no crane on the peninsula so one had to be brought over by a barge.

Of course the entirety of the unincorporated mainland heard about the crane being brought over by barge in order to put a boat back in the water. Additionally, my parents, who run the boat shuttle to the peninsula, expanded the boat tour for the tourist, motoring them by to see the beached boat. The boat owner insists my parents owe him a cut of the shuttle fees for the day since he provided the entertainment.

Yet, the excitement did not end with the boat being put back in the water. Once the boat sped of to hide, the crane got stuck in the wet rocks of the shore. The crane was freed by my father, who used his tractor to pull the crane to solid ground.

After such an exciting morning, I had to wonder if I need my head examined for missing this place or is it truly as the sign says when you cross into the state "The Way Life Should Be"?


Ms Mac said...

Hee! Priceless, I'll bet he's kicking himself now.

christina said...

Ayup! LOL! I think I'd miss that place too. Never a dull moment.

I *totally* get what you mean about having everything you need to survive but intensely disliking where you live. Nothing at all wrong with that, although so many people will try to tell you otherwise. Hang in there!

hexe said...

Ms. Mac - The boat owner was a good sport but he did feel a bit like an idiot. He was lucky that his wife was not there when he did this but I can't imagine he'll be able to hide it forever :)

Christina - Soemtime I would like to e-mail you about this topic as some of your comments about Germany make me believe you see Germany as I see Florida.

Mountain Dweller said...

They must have had the fright of their lives. If it's anywhere like here, it will probably be a subject of conversation for years to come!

Expat Traveler said...

I loved the story! But I really do hope you guys can move!!! But I guess as it is like me, patience is needed until it really happens..

christina said...

Oh yes, feel free to e mail me. I love e mail! Address is on my side bar or in my profile.

Merisi said...

Some things are truly priceless!!!!!!!!
Thank you for this head clearing laugh (was afraid I would wake up the still sleeping kid *chuckle*).
And kudoos to you parents, that's what I call American ingenuity, extending the boat tour, I hope they really had more runs that day (I would have paid for this, and then the crane getting stuck, too, just too beautiful *g*).
I have to figure out where you are from originally, your nnon-love affair with Florida *grin*, oh dear. Have you read Peter Matthiessen's Florida trilogy, at least the first tome, try to.