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28 July 2007

A Birthday Celebration

This week was PH's birthday. His only request was a cake. So the kids and I made a chocolate raspberry cheesecake which was delicious ending to a meal of garlic scallion chicken lo mein and sweet plum wine. Yum!

And now a random picture of Norway because I'm refusing to admit the vacation is over - So there!


Ms Mac said...

Yumm! Looks divine!

And the cake too!

christina said...

What a lovely cake - Happy Birthday to the PH! And that picture looks like where I come from. Pinin' for the fjords, eh? (only Monty Python fans will get that one)

Antipodeesse said...

Oooh, that looks utterly drool-worthy!

Recipe please!

Mountain Dweller said...

I can understand why you regret the end of your holidays, that photo is lovely. Does somebody actually live on that little island?