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11 August 2007

Why we have no baysitters

It has been a busy week here - I've been in teacher trainings, the kids are preparing to go back to school, PH just received a giant case to review, and of course after returning to daycare for just one week until school, both kids picked up some bug with a fever and a headache.

Also during this week, my department gathered together with spouses for a potluck dinner. It was one of the few times everyone let their hair down and we compared notes about the new administration. This meant the kids stayed home with a baysitter. Our neighborhood babysitter was not available, but one of my former students graciously agreed to stay with my monsters so I could have a night of adult conversation.

Upon returning home, my student initially reported both children had been well behaved. I sighed with relief as I was a bit fearful as to what my children might report that would then be broadcast to the school.

The next day, I ran into the student at the school. She again commented on how well behaved the kids had been. I asked if Hew had done anything inappropriate as lately he has been fascinated with his own derriere and has been sticking his butt out as a response to questions. She assured me that Hew had not been fascinated with his own bottom, but instead had been fascinated with hers - running up and smacking her on her very tiny, very cute seventeen year old bottom! I stumbled out an apology to the student and wondered how long it would take for that story to make its way around campus. And now I sit, worried that next week Hew may use the same move on his very mature, very maternal teacher.

(I attempted to find a cute but appropriate picture to accompany this post but searching images for "butt" and "spanking" led me to pictures that I prefer not accompany a post about my child. When I complained to PH about the lack of photo, he spent a good half an hour searching the exact same terms to "help." It appears that Hew came by his bottom fascination through heredity!)


RennyBA said...

Cute story and I liked the student's attitude taking it with a smile!

I've tried to help you our with a photo and maybe this will do:
at least it's pure art:-)

Btw: Do you wanna come over and have A Rockin' Bigger Bang with me - and by all means, bring PH with too!

Merisi said...

You need to teach your children to report on the babysitter's reaction! *giggle*
(I remember one babysitter telling me of being shocked when my oldest, a little over four years old then, started reminding her that she was late in putting them to bed - little did she know that she was expected to read for a good hour, once the three of them were under their covers *g*).

hexe said...

Renny - Thanks for the assistance in finding a picture of an artistic derriere :)

Merisi - Great suggestion! I suspect my oldest keeps the babysitter in line as she is quite the boss :)