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25 August 2007

School Round Up

We have been back at school for two weeks and suffered through exhaustion (both Hew and myself but generally it is only Hew whose weekly fit includes sobbing and throwing himself to the ground), a straddling fall on the balance beam that resulted in a big bruise on the inner thigh (KK), nightly homework in kindergarten (KK), and a slide across a freshly waxed floor and near fall in front of a class of obnoxious, snickering teenagers (me). Thought I'd share some of the verbal highlights:

Me after the first day: "Hew, what was your favorite part of the day?"
Hew with great excitement: "Ridding the bus - it goes real fast and there's no seat belt!"
-How comforting.

"Mrs. Hexe, you are the only one smiling in this classroom."
-said by evil, miserable teenagers as I walked to the front of the classroom to begin class on day three.

Preschool morning song sung by Hew and his classmates: "Good morning Jacob! How are you? Who is sitting next to you?"
Jacob responds "Hew."
Class sings: "Good morning Hew! How are you? Who is sitting next to you?"
Hew's responds: "Him."

"All my friends wore red for red day. One friend even wore red underwear. She showed us and then my other friend showed us his underwear and they were black! Then my teacher said no more showing our underwear!"
-Hew explaining how red day went in class. At least they all now know the colors red and black!

"Today, we had so much fun! And tomorrow will be even more fun!"
-KK about kindergarten. I don't think this what my intolerable teens are thinking!

Two weeks down, forty to go!


Mountain Dweller said...

I liked the one about the underwear! Keep on smiling..

Merisi said...

What was Stendhal thinking when he gave his novel the title "The Red and the Black?" *chuckle* What are parents thinking buying u-wear in those colors for their kindergarteners? Oh dear ..... :-)
My youngest is back in school and actually happy about it, even though she's a teenager (should I have the school pay for that statement????). Less happy about the fractured bone in her left hand. :-(

RennyBA said...

I just love these kind of conversations with the children - always the most surprising answers!

Good luck with the next forty:-)

hexe said...

Mountain Dweller - Thanks. Some days, it is definately easier than others to keep up the energy.

Merisi - Your poor daughter - what a way to start the school year :( How wonderful that she still likes school. Overall, the older teens I have are actually better than those younger teens. The fourteen year olds just can't seem to find their way around their awkwardness. And I agree about the u-wear, RED for a three year old!?!

Renny - Thanks for the wish of luck, I'll need it :) I too love the conversations of the little ones, but I have admit that I could not teach that age. I lack the patience. I'd rather an obnoxious teen who may not like me while doing the work, but later says they learned by being in my class.

Expat Traveler said...

those were funny conversations!!

And know that I'm right there with you hearting my job too.. I'm up in the air on what to do. But I need a plan now because it's ruining my swim workouts...


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Merisi said...

I am telling you, you don't want to know what seniors do on Back to School Night (besides breaking a bone). Tonight she went back to the "location" to search for her lost cell phone with me (no, not found *g*).
I hope your week is filled with sweet students and some fun for you too! :-)