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28 November 2007

Very, very, very tired

Forgive the lack of blogging. Work is insane and they have asked me to stay on a couple more weeks in January if necessary :( I don't feel as though I can refuse, but after that I'm done. I'm so tired at this point, I can barely put together a coherent sentence. And only 27 days until Christmas and my entire family arriving here!


Merisi said...

Oh, poor Hexe! *hug*
Let your relatives know that you are exhausted and will need their help to make it a good visit. Ask them for specific help. Tell them that you expect no gifts, but would be very grateful if they would take care of the kids (I suppose they are visiting grandparents) for a couple of hours each day, so you can have some time alone with your husband, for example. I observe too often, how people simply never learn to ask for specific help, creating all kinds of stress, resentment and what not. So go ahead, tell them that's the way it's handled in Vienna (they are not coming over and check it out, are they????).
Have a good weekend!

hexe said...

Thank you, Merisi. Before my family arrives, my husband is taking the children to visit with family for five days. So I have five days to finish up my school work before the break before the family arrives :) For Christmas, it will just be my parents with us, and the rest of the family will meet us at the beach later in the week so hopefully it will be kind of calm (I hope, I hope, I hope . . . ). Thank you for the very kind words. Hope your weekend went well also.