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10 March 2008

You Asked!

Rosie from Brittany tagged me for this meme. Feel free to play along by linking this post and give me a shout so I can peer shamelessly into your life.

Seven Random Facts

  1. I have the ability to remember the all the words to just about any song. Due to my parents’ music choice and my own misspent youth, I have a large repertoire of song lyrics of early 70s country western and 80s pop/rock. If only lessons in school had been sung, then I might have been a genius. This talent is rather ironic as . . .
  2. I am unable to carry a tune. I have never sung an actual note in tune. I still have memories of a music teacher hitting one piano key over and over, and me trying to sing in key. The poor women just couldn’t wrap her mind around my complete tone deafness. I imagine that she is probable still sitting there on the piano bench, muttering “just one more time” while simultaneously hitting the same key over and over.
  3. My baby toe on both feet nearly has no toe nail. It just never grows. PH claims I should receive a twenty percent discount when receiving a pedicure as the nail tech only has to paint four toes on each foot.
  4. I can still do a cartwheel, a handstand, and on a good day, a standing back bend. At age almost 39, my old gymnastic skills are enough to impress my daughter, age six. I fear what I will need to be able to do to impress her ten years from now.
  5. I still have three of my four grandparents alive. As I did not marry and have children until age thirty plus, I wonder how much time my children would have with their great grandparents. All of my grandparents spend some of their winter in Florida so the kids have time with them. Also, our trips home always include a stop at my grandparent’s farm so the kids can ride the tractor with Great Grampa (and now Grampa as Great Grampa doesn’t always recognize us). Unfortunately, time is beginning to take its toll on all three and I am not sure how much longer this fact will be true.
  6. I love autumn. The cooling air and clear blue skies, the changing leaves, sweater weather, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, the cold rain foreshadowing the coming snow. Ten years in Florida have not diminished this but instead have lead to much depressive whining and complaining come October when it is still 90 degrees in this place.
  7. I am a planner. I want to know where I am going and any obstacles along the way so I can plan to reduce their impact. I know that Life is constantly throwing surprises and I’d be bored if I knew it all ahead of time, but I can’t stop my mind from having contingence plans.

Happy Monday!


Ms Mac said...

I can still do some gymnastics too but I don't have any daughters to impress....

I'm afraid I find your toenail-less wee toes too spooky for words!


Rosie said...

I am glad to hear that you are one of lifes planners. It will help you organise your trip to eat belgian chocolates...and the gymnastics will help you lose the weight afterwards haha.

christina said...

Oooh can you come over and help me plan my life?

I sympathize on the baby toe issue, except that I have barely any toe nail on the baby toe of only *one* foot. I'm lopsided!

RennyBA said...

Great meme - always good to know a blog friend even better.

I do agree with you about autumn - specially for the lovely collars in the nature - but; lets have spring now and see the nature waking up from hibernations :-)

RennyBA said...

Just stopped by to wish you a great end to your week :-)

DianeCA said...

I have the song lyrics gift as well. We have a program here on the TV called beat for beat where you guess the song (not quite like name that tune...but not that far off either) and when that is on I am not allowed to go to the bathroom because I have to help with all the answers :lol: its a curse really!