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17 March 2008

Five Days and Counting

Holy crap - where has the time gone?!!!! Might it be that I have basically been a single parent, as well as legal recruiter, vacation planner, and the usual domestic goddess for two weeks while PH has studied for some ridiculous exam that will not in any way assist his career, but his firm wanted him to take it for bragging rights. Might it be that I am writing in run-on sentences because there is so much to do and only five days. Throw in St. Patrick's Day, the Easter parade at school, Hew's birthday both at home and at school, KK's class needs 25 cupcakes, and the early arrival of the friggin' Easter Bunny. Plus if my insane in-laws send one more thing to be delivered to PH"s brother in France, I might just scream all the profanities in my head at my God fearing Catholic mother-in-law. We have an entire suitcase full of crap for PH's brother and I am not taking a second one. The irony is that most of the crap says made in China and we're going to fly is halfway back. Oh, and yes, there is a cold front blowing into Belgium and it may SNOW the day we land. While normally I am the greatest lover of snow, when we land it will be Easter Sunday, nothing will be open, we can not get into the hotel until noon, and I had planned to wander around the Grand Plaza area until we could take our sleep deprived, screaming children to the hotel; however snow like weather does not sound like the time to be wandering around OUTDOORS for any length of time! And KK has developed a runny nose and cough in the last 24 hours! (insert hyperventilating here)

Yes, I am excited. Yes, I am damn lucky to be going. Yes, I should count my blessings. Yes, I might spontaneously combust if my own mother tells me one more time to just relax and enjoy all the planning. I will calm down and enjoy it once we are there - the suitcases and the crap from China has arrived with my two children and husband at the airport. I will feel even better once we are checked into the hotel and napping. And I bet, the next day as we leave Brussels to spend a week in a lovely apartment in Bruges, I might even smile. But for now I have five more days of crazed preparations.

Oh, and did I forget to mention the school trip to GATORLAND - live alligators, snakes, and various reptiles with fifty kindergarten students . . .

does this look like good planning to you?


Ms Mac said...

Oooh, five days! How exciting!

Wandering around Brussels will be lovely and I'm sure there'll be plenty of cafes and such open. Even God takes a back seat to tourism sometimes.

But don't tell your mother-in-law, or my mother for that matter, that I said that.

hexe said...

Ms. Mac - Your secret is safe with me! I'm still in trouble for flying on Easter . . . granted I didn't even realize it was Easter when I made the reservation because I was too busy looking at the reduced fare. Am so going to hell.

RennyBA said...

Wishing you a lovely trip and welcome back to Europe. As you have seen on my blog, I've been to Brussels plenty of times and Grand Place is just wonderful - don't forget Madican Piss!

If you have the time before you leave, your welcome over for a report about St. Patrick's Day Parade in Oslo, Norway :-)

Happy Easter!

Rosie said...

have a great time. how can you miss in a place with chocolate and beer? Soon your memories of preparations will be lost in the mists of a hangover...