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08 April 2008

Cultural Highlight

In case, you believe we spent all our time at child friendly places like Eftling and Oceade, here's proof that we did manage to drag the children through one museum. The Choco Story is a museum all about chocolate. The museum follows the discovery and the history of cocoa, as well as the development of the chocolate bar. The museums is especially appealing to young children as they have developed a sticker game, where children must find postings at each exhibit and put the matching stickers in the right order. The end of the museum has an area that shows the making of chocolates and some impressive chocolate sculptures.
During our visit, there were numerous sculptures of chocolate dogs. I have to say that these sculptures made me rethink my ban on dogs at our house.

I am sure theses are easier to clean up after than the real thing.

Man's Best Friend.

Also, there were chocolate hats . . .

with apples and corsages!

And finally, the nudes!

And I was worried the kids wouldn't enjoy the museums!


Rosie said...

I would happily eat my way through that...did you get any free gifts?

RennyBA said...

What a wonderful exhibition - thanks for taking us with in the chocolate figures world - great pics - my mouth is watering :-)

Expat Traveler said...

how ultra cool! I miss having time to read blogs!