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21 April 2008

Knitting versus Sewing

When I was pregnant with KK, I was put on bed rest for ten weeks. Believing that I was bored and had nothing to do, my husband taught me to knit (yes, he learned to knit when he was in Norway as a ploy to pick up girls - a story for another time). Over the past six years since this time, I have periodically selected a simple knitting project and made various hats, mittens, and stockings. Knitting allows my hands to be active while I sit. I have found that knitting gives me the freedom to stop flying about without feeling guilty about my inactivity.

About a month ago, I was shopping for a plain, white button down shirt for our trip to Belgium. My travel clothes always include a pair of black pants and a white shirt as they can be worn just about anywhere. My pants had held up well since our last trip, but my white shirt was looking a little worn and frayed. I didn't image that finding a white, button down shirt would be such a problem. As I am short, I shop in the petite section. Since nursing two children, certain parts of my anatomy are less than petite. I could not find one white shirt that fit through the shoulders while not puckering between the buttons. In frustration, I bought a pattern and material and decided to make my own damn shirt.

Needless to say, I am still making the shirt. If my mother hadn't laughed when I bought the material, I would have quietly put this project aside, but pride demands that I finish this stupid thing, even though it is obvious that I would fail a home economics class. Yesterday, I was quite proud of the darts I sewed into the front and back of the shirt. Feeling smug, I went to sew the front to the back - a rather easy step. It was only when my husband pointed out that my darts seams were showing that I realized I sewn the front and the back together backwards! Today, my project is pulling out the seams from yesterday and trying again. I hope to have this damn thing done before I fly to Maine in June, otherwise I expect some more laughter from my mother.

It's not that I haven't sewn before. I made my daughter a couple of cute jumpers when she was an infant. I put a cute hem on my new jeans when I shortened them a month ago. Yet this shirt is my Mt. Everest - the unsewn pieces taunting me. Now I just want it done, so I can put my sewing machine back in the laundry room to collect dust.

I think from now on I'll stick to knitting.


Ms Mac said...

Either way, I think you've done spectacularly well. I know how to knit but don't because I get bored after ten rows. I know how to sew but don't because I can never be bothered finishing off properly and my stuff looks shoddily made. In which case, I could buy something dead cheap that would look the same.

So, go you! Ignore the laughing naysayers and get on with your project! Or, put it aside and chalk it up to a learning experience!


Rosie said...

I cant knit either...but I would like to...I sort of like the feel of the wool...

RennyBA said...

I do agree: stick to knitting! Like your hubby, I learn to knit when I was a young boy, but then again I'm a Norwegian :lol: and my Mom always did for a lot of our clothes of course. How else would you survive in the winter with woollen socks and sweaters?

Wishing you a great end to your week :-)