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16 April 2008

Don't cha' hate it . . .

When you spend all day making soup. You soak the beans for a day, hand chop various vegetables, put in the herbs. You actually follow the recipe word for word. Put it all in the slow cooker for several hours, stirring only when required by the recipe. And when you finally taste it , it's terrible.

Pizza. anyone?


G in Berlin said...

I feel that way about turkey soup. i jyst can't stand it.

Rosie said...

or when there are leeks in the soup that havent been sliced small enough, and it doesnt matter how often you whizz it, there are still fibres uuurrrgh

Merisi said...

What in the world did you put in the pot?

I have learned the hard way, and sort of only last week, not to make a large pot of soup anymore. Every time I do, no one likes it.
Sorta Murphy's Law. :-(

In one of his books aboutold Viennese ways, Friedrich Torberg, among other stories, tells the tale of Tante Jolesch, whose Schinkenfleckerl (an Austrian version of baked macaroni and cheese), were legendary. She used to serve that dish at large family gathering. Everybody loved it. On her deathbed, her relatives prodded her to divulge the secret of that dish. "I never prepared enough of it," she confessed.

RennyBA said...

Sorry it did not turned out that well for you - with all your efforts!

If it can make it up for you, your always welcome over for a Duck a l’orange served at Bogstad Manor in Oslo, Norway!